Our Problems are Not Political

The collapse of late stage capitalism has produced public insanity

By Mike Meyer

An ever larger majority of humans is appalled at the disintegration and insanity of the late stage capitalist political systems. What are these people thinking?

Do they expect to escape the disasters that are coming on a monthly, weekly, and daily schedule? In the US you have a future of climate disaster being actively promoted by insane criminals who have usurped the highest offices or a violent death at the hands of white supremacists or simply insane psychopaths armed to the teeth in public. Are the people who support this immune somehow?

The pattern is an old one but that only makes it worse. These are not the indicators of a healthy society. In the US we have a chief executive who is mentally impaired, a known criminal, an agent of the Russian mafia, which is also the Russian government, a white supremacist, and completely dismissive and/or ignorant of the rule of law.

We also have a senate controlled, along with a majority of states, by a criminal organization with no discernable policies except racism, voter suppression, xenophobia, misogyny, and general bigotry that is dedicated to power by any means. That should be enough to spark a very quick and thorough house cleaning but we’re not finished yet.

The only remaining, valid branch of the federal government is the House of Representatives that has, finally, begun the full impeachment process against the criminal regime. The first formal hearings today were, as expected, ignored by criminal order of the chief criminal and sneered at by stooges of the criminal regime. Because this was expected, authoritarians are not very bright, each minute of these displays adds to the ever growing outrage and disgust by the, still rational, majority.

Shouting denials of reality and building delusional tales of how wonderful things are if only people would stop looking at the horrors building around us changes nothing. This worked for a while but is now meaningless except to those in the full grip of fascist delusion and blindly committed to chaos and self destruction.

This is the ancient pattern of human self destruction. I find myself writing about this with growing fear and anxiety. I’ve done it here, here, and here but each attempt seems to reveal new depths to the delusion and new levels of danger. The condition worsens and traumatic paralysis is a constant threat. How long can this be allowed to continue?

At the same time the irrationality and absurdity of what is being said, done, and advocated knows no limit. It says something, but I’m not sure what, that major media have moved most of Trump’s idiocy to the virtual back pages or simply note some irrational outburst with no comment. But then he or his minions do something stunningly stupid, wildly destructive, or mindlessly dangerous and we all have to look at it until someone reluctantly walks it back or we just forget about it in the rush of stupidity.

The realization that one of the two national political parties has evolved over fifty years from a mildly authoritarian borderline racist party into a criminal, white supremacist organization with close ties to Russian leadership has finally become clear to most. Their obscene groveling before an ignorant, ranting despot is still a schock. That they seem confused and mesmerized by shouting and hand waving with no rational communication is an important indicator of the extent of the problem.

That extent has spread well beyond the Trump infection and the stooges surrounding him. The senate majority leader, in an incredibly powerful position, has abandoned all pretense of democratic forms, except as facades, and has ceased to have any other name than Moscow Mitch. He, and his wife, who is an official of her father’s Taiwan based transportation empire and head of the department of transportation, are fully committed to corruption.

Their blatant actions, along with the other racists and criminals that are all that remain of the Republican Party, are to be expected as the fires spread and outrage builds. Steve King is a particularly vile example of a racist and white supremacist allowed to hold a seat in Congress despite publicly supporting rape and incest as ‘natural’ . What else would you expect?

McConnell, his wife, and others, such as King, will now do anything as their lives are completely dependent on survival of the criminal regime and the theft of as much as they can manage in hopes of defending themselves from justice. But that now describes everyone clustering around Trump and Moscow Mitch.

The Trump and Republican regime are succeeding at destroying the national government. That is, of course, the only thing resembling a policy that they have. Destroy the national economy, gut all federal services, push the population into abject poverty and ensure that they are powerless in the face of the regime that controls rigged elections.

What are these people? They are socially insane. They are daily triggered by programmed messages that maintain their fear and its conversion into hatred. Delusion is addictive and purely emotion driven. No rationality is involved. Reasoning is not a counter to this. They have been taught that chaos is their only chance of reward but even that is not important to most of them now. As addicts they only want to continue their freedom from thought and their emotional release in paroxysms of bigotry and hatred. No surprise that the most unstable mainline mass murder. The final release.

The accelerating decline of the US will be completed with the planetary and regional effects of the climate crisis. To pursue an antiquated elitist attack on the majority of the US population without regard for the implications for the rest of the planet is clearly yet another form of insanity.

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The only surviving policy of the remnants of the Republican party are the outrageous goals of the John Birch Society, implemented by the Koch conspiracy, in a war to end democracy and representative government. Their goal is feudal serfdom for the population and complete freedom for the oligarchic elite. The only morality is greed and theft to which they have have added misogyny and racism in order to gain a following in America.

Somehow I don’t think they want to actually destroy the national government even though it is becoming obvious that the old, 18th century, nation state system is in terminal failure. These vastly wealthy parasites feed on the wealth of the nation through corruption and theft. They need it to maintain their wealth but, ironically, they will get their stated wish as change is coming very fast now. The nature of those who are inherently authoritarian precludes empathy and any compassion but irony is also beyond their understanding. That their goals are ultimately suicidal for the planet is not something they can understand though it is their end, too.

They are not going to be happy when the United States breaks up into metropolitan regions based in direct democracy and full diversity. That’s where this planet is going but this publicly insane minority doesn’t realize that. Their self delusions are completely out of sync making their lurch into a fascist past is another symptom of insanity.

The population enthralled with chaos who are supporting these sick, mostly, sick white men want to go backward to somewhere that no longer exists because they lost lost their racial privilege and are angry to the point of insanity.

It looks as if the only goal now is the classic scorched earth vision as they are unable to formulate anything more sophisticated. Everyone gets to suffer and die because they didn’t get what they believed was theirs. So no one can have anything. The final insanity.

It appears that in the US, Great Britain, and similarly infected regions that is all that is left. This is a kind of suicide pact based in a form of social insanity by a pathological minority of the population.

The tragedy is that the majority that see exactly what is happening are at risk of dying, too, in the debacles that have already begun. And the debacle in various forms will continue until this disease eliminates itself at a potentially horrible cost.

The future that can be is local government in a planetary alliance, metropolitan not the old, rural provincialism as strongholds of bigotry and personal domination. This will, I think, lead to greater freedom in choosing the administrative entity to which we belong perhaps even independently of where we geographically reside. This freedom will work with a planetary alliance for climate and resource management while ensuring universal rights for life and wellbeing. The only level of administration (government) for people then needed is local and diverse including all levels of direct democracy.

The irony is amazing. People with no idea of the growing implications of what they are doing in a rapidly evolving climate crisis are fighting to destroy the very system that allows their hold on power. This is insanity and a public health emergency. Once these people are isolated and those that can be are cured of their delusion, we tremendous word to do for survival and improvement of our lives and planet.

It will be an amazing opportunity and change to begin dealing with the problems of all life on this planet while working for the benefit of that life in all of its forms. Diversity and creativity is the key. The resources are available but need to be expanded. That will be the focus once controlling climate change has been managed.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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