Our Battle Now is Not Political

It is a war of mental and public health

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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ April 2, 2020

It’s not just Trump who is psychopathic but everyone who surrounds him. That includes the people who are committed to suicide by pandemic to show their loyalty to his ignorance and hatred.

These people are sick, but they are not the victims of a virus or other pathogens. I wish we could deal with them as we do with cultists who can be isolated and reprogrammed from the lies that have taken them to a form of insanity.

For those caught up in a sick religious system, we allow great freedom if they do not present a direct threat to others. We even let them kill themselves en masse if they don’t involve others, as it is tough to stop those small tragedies. But this, too, is a public health issue that bears on all of us in the human community.

There comes a time when one pandemic feeds on another. We are seeing that in the US now, Brazil, the Philippines, Hungary, Turkey, and for decades, North Korea. Each of these states has their own cultures, subcultures, and histories but they are all part of the human population and we are all responsible for their pain and suffering as well as their immorality in inflicting pain, suffering, and death on others.

We are facing planetary tragedies that cannot be left to scattered reactions by regions of the planet or, worse yet, a weak response by the ignorant or deluded. The nature of a pandemic does not recognize nation-states, states, provinces, or cities. There is no special dispensation for those who choose to be ruled by idiots. They are, in fact, a lethal threat to all of us.

The slide into mass psychosis, a recognizable condition with a long history, is a dangerously grey area. At what point does the series of individual choices by a percentage of a population cross the line from annoying to a species threat?

This has only been dealt with at planetary scale twice in the 20th century when humanity, in its diverse sacred groupings, could agree that the threat was direct enough at each to warrant removal of the agents of the disease in the infected populations. The two World Wars and the long Cold War resulted.

That vast and traumatic set of tragedies marked our species so severely we have hidden from it for fifty years. That trauma produced a continuation of the disease in the two most robust nation-states who co-led the last stage of eradication. One, the USSR, failed administratively and economically by allowing a psychotic group to evolve from a revolutionary movement. They became an authoritarian regime whose logical errors, and immorality destroyed them.

The other allowed a psychotic elite to distort a decaying economic system into a fully authoritarian group as that financial system failed. This slow slide into mass psychosis includes early periods of rational leadership with symptoms of the problem actively repressed. But if allowed to continue, as the inevitable decay of systems no longer relevant on a paradigmatically changing planet produces higher and more significant stress, the psychotic group seeks control of the nation-state at any cost.

We all know the symptoms as they are the history of the last two hundred years. Racism, bigotry, misinformation, propaganda, and lies, and the war was targeting all but the ‘true’ citizens. All opposition is from some secret, ‘other’ source that is the enemy but who’s definition and identity changes steadily as logic and competence fail. In the late stage, all confidence dies as all definitions are lost.

Although the 20th century saw significant progress, the critical cultural wounds by the pro these conflicts and authoritarian errors, at the planetary level, this is massively complex and non-linear. It is enmeshed in forms of chaos and disproportional reactions and results.

These complex reactions are at the edge of the human ability to understand and model. Not everyone can even grasp the broad elements of these processes. That creates anger, shame, and denial that we all feel when we cannot understand such complexity. But the authoritarians claim to know that nothing is real and only they can provide answers. But we all struggle and need to rely on those of us with the tools to understand, build knowledge, and, we hope, find wisdom in that knowledge.

But the wounding of humanity has taken the form of paralyzing fear to lose the progress we have made concurrently with our battling of this disease. We have too much to lose, and where do we draw the line on freedom of thought and expression? Wasn’t that the essential gain?

Yes and no. We also know that economics can expand our world or ruin it. We have done both. Failure to recognize the rights and equality of all people in all diversity has been formally understood for two centuries but denied by critical economic systems and the refusal of all ruling elites to prevent massive hoarding, the subjugation of the vast majority of our population, and exploitation of planetary assets.

Human rights and wellbeing are dependent on a broad distribution of assets guaranteeing a meaningful existence for all sentient beings on this planet. That is the last human obstacle to our survival as a species. In the US and Europe and scattered places around the earth, we were moving toward this objective and reaping the tremendous rewards that it would produce. But the horrible trauma crippled the political systems that had evolved, and the process stalled and lost in a total focus on selfish gain and maintenance of power by the ruling elites.

We know this but we are still crippled. We refuse to recognize what this post-traumatic shock to our population has produced and how it has allowed the forces of psychotic authoritarians to gain power because we all thought we were safe. The blame is on all of us as sentient residents of this planet. That is our spiritual sin to overcome and atone for while we correct our climate destruction and deal with planetary pandemics that are also products of that planetary destruction.

The majority of the human population is very close to understanding this, even if they don’t have the communication skills to articulate it. They act on compassion and a recognition of our scientific-based understanding of what we are and the transient and insubstantial nature of our universe. There are deep and ancient themes of human awareness that has led many to spend lifetimes in working to understand our role in this universe. That knowledge appears in all social, spiritual systems, but those fail in the face of authoritarian manipulation and turns into weapons of willful ignorance and hate.

We are out of time. The COVID-19 pandemic has given us the chance to see that we can stop the destruction of our planet and must unify to save ourselves in a world reacting to our abuses. It has turned the authoritarian’s lies against them by convincing them that they will not die of what is killing us all. That is a fatal mistake common to millenarian cults and they will suffer for that. We must not let them do this.

But we, who understand how things have changed, must act before the destruction is too high for us to overcome even with our technology. Technology is our tool, but knowledge, compassion, and wisdom are what must break our paralysis. We need to act for all of us on this planet, and we must do it now while the skies are clearing.

This may be the last break we get.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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