Only if we cancel our future

This is an excellent explication of the current stage of our massive paradigm shift that will either free us or kill us. As I seem to spend most of my time saying, this is not simple.

The essence is well stated here. The many to many social media paradigm, for the first time in history, is empowering everyone. Much of the trouble is adaption and socialization of the process for using this power. It seems, in a very extreme example, like replacing a hunter-gatherer’s spear with an Uzi. The outcomes, once the trigger is discovered, are far out of proportion to the expectations.

But it is important to state that public accountability is not terminal in an open society. Interestingly the organized outrage at social media accountability is, as stated, most often by those with privilege and power whose personal ox has been gored.

We all make mistakes and fail to self evaluate without an occasional smack to the head. Delivering that socially within communal standards, and community is what we are having to relearn, is the nature of a fully democratic society.

And that is the real point, I think. Not that people aren’t attacked wrongly at times or piled on brutally, but those that are outraged are attempting to defend their hierarchical privileges' in a, now, antiquated cultural structure. We have the ability, again for the first time in a planetary community, for full democracy if we can define the moral hard rules and processes while distributing the rest directly to an informed population. ‘Informed’ is a problem and one of the hard rules.

As we are again learning at an entirely new, planetary level, authoritarians are a form of insanity and sociopathic in extreme cases. Not containing these people, within their range of basic rights, is a crime but freedom requires restraint based in respect.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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