One small step . . .

. . . and I know that step will be taken. This will happen because the ability to stop these things has been taken away. This wasn’t taken away last month or last year or ten years ago. It has been incremental and taken away piece by piece with excuses made for each piece. It’s just stupid politics. It will get sorted out in the end. No. This is the end and it is too late.

The majority of people in this country have realized this just over the last two years. History will identify Trump and the Republicans as the criminal regime that caused America’s failure. But they are simply the worst of a long list of agents accepting evil as a necessity to achieve their goals.

The poor people who supported Trump and his cohort of fools will whine that they are only doing the same as others. Check the responses here and you will see them. That is all they can say and that is not an excuse but how are they to know. They have lived a life time with lies.

But the full weight of responsibility should be on the honest and “good” people who gave in to the demands from necessity justifying moral failure. Obama, a far better man than Trump, deported more people than anyone before him. Why? There was every reason to see this as a denial of the essence of this country but he did it because he could get nothing done against the tide of racism, ignorance, and bigotry. Fake representatives in Congress continually demanding action for their own selfish needs and the desires of their owners.

After decades of dysfunction and mindless denial of everything but obeisance to the power of the oligarchy there were not enough people willing to stand. Decades of lying and millions of deaths, both foreign and domestic, already accepted saps the strength from any moral argument. In the end there can be no morality.

The real tragedy were those who were better but who gave in to the demands destroying the power to say ‘no, no more’. The day was sure to come when the truly evil would gain power and then there are no limits at all. We are now there.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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