One of the things I find interesting in you response is the illustration of how little the people in this country know about the rest of our planet. Thailand is an interesting example as it has been under military rule for most of its time as a ‘modern’ nation state. The military supports the monarchy and democratic forms are secondary to that. The new king is problematic but as long as things are peaceful and the neoliberal economy works people simply deal with it. That was always my impression but I haven’t lived there for forty years.

Many people with a better sense of history and of other states know how fragile any real form of representative government is. And the rise of fascist style authoritarianism is very difficult to remove once it has gained control. The fact that control is almost always gained through blatant manipulation of the forms of representative government effectively destroys the representative system of government in place.

To correct that requires revolutionary change or, as you say, external assistance to be successful. The fact that the US has gotten itself into a traditional death spiral while still the top superpower makes it very difficult to fix. Historical precedents for this are very tenuous.

I think we are seeing the emergence of an international death watch of a dangerous animal. The US is already being sequestered and isolated in defense. If it manages to remove the disease itself that would be good but I don’t think there is much expectation of that. Logically it will break apart as the federal political system is already almost completely dysfunctional and Trumpistan is regional and nonmetropolitan.

But there are always surprises as military empires disintegrate.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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