One More Time With the Democratics

I hope it works, or more accurately, I wish it would work but I doubt it. Your points on the history of the Democratic party and rather narrow focus on rights and minorities and genders is a weakness in a society increasingly angry at the exploitation that they repeatedly accept through manipulation and/or ignorance. It always amazed at what is focused on when things go completely to hell and what is quickly forgotten. I have watched this actively for almost fifty years as the structural problems and historical accidents have caused the polity to disintegrate. One the things that is immediately ignored is the small minority that creates these disasters. We cannot forget that this, particularly, is a massive disaster and it was based on a decision made by roughly 27% of the electorate and that is only a portion of the residents of this political region. I won’t even go into the fact that Trump lost the election but will assume office on a structural technicality. But wait, beside the search for excuses, there are clear questions on the voting process in the critical swing states.

Yes, a new movement needs to take over the Democratic party. But it needs to be an aggressive and an economically focused force just as you say. There is no reason to separate rights and economics but the difference now is that the system is not only broken but unrepairable. That is what is being said. This is being hidden by the failed Republican party desperately trying to claim victory. The system was bombed by people fed up with the whole thing. Trump is a bumbling fool who stumbled into a disaster hoping for some loot. He got way more than he could handle and acquired a following of deplorables who were dancing on the grave of the US of A. Do they know that? Does he know that? They are simply a general threat to the population and the planet at this point. The ones who, with clearer intent, threw the Trump bomb are now very, very worried, I think.

All I can say is that this is not the time to be looking at rejuvenating the Democratic party. And as much as Obama has high favorability that will only get higher as the disaster deepens, he wants to hold on to the system and that was his failure. I’m too old to be a wild eyed revolutionary but I think this needs to be an old man’s war. Either this gets seriously changed in the next two weeks to buy some time (and that may just make it worse at this point) or we face the fact that all the old rules are gone and we had better create an inclusive, personal rights based, post-capitalist, socialist community to manage the country.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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