On a practical level for this country I agree with supporting the resistance if it can continue to make advances. Perhaps the nation can survive if it changes quickly enough. My concern is structural failure that may undercut the efforts to revive the economic and political systems.

There are just too many variables at play now to be able to put much confidence in the slow process of change allowed under this constitution. We are on a bit of an upswing from the diversity of the incoming legislators but there are very real limits to what they can do. There is also the problem of being very new while going up against a tremendously powerful institutional structure.

Accelerating climate disasters are frightening and will, at some point, begin to trigger panic. That could lead to loss of control that would cover a full authoritarian takeover. Despite Trump being an idiot he is very easy to manipulate and we have a generation or more of people who have been kept in the dark while being told that their interests are the interests of ruling elite. They don’t seem to know any better and are unable as well as unwilling to learn. That is part of a far larger problem.

At a higher level I’ve come to think that the nation state has played out its life. To achieve a more directly democratic system of management with full diversity we should expect metropolitan areas to assume more control. This would, if I am correct, continue to evolve naturally but the wildcards of climate change and oligarchic reaction to maintain power can destroy everything.

I will need to get much more involved with the emerging patterns, that I don’t really understand at this point, to see if that makes sense.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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