OMG, the sheer quantity of rabbit holes!

Taken all together this seems to be an interesting dive down the rabbit hole. There is a bit of a problem, however, identifying which rabbit hole. There’s a good chance of finding a rabbit down any number of rabbit holes and I suspect many of the rabbits are at least slightly related. That’s fine if you are simply collecting rabbits but is that what we need now or is that a task for a future historian?

While I think there is enough corruption in the crumbling US political party system to satisfy anyone wishing to drag bones out of closets. Ok, so we have lots of rabbits in holes and lots of bones in closets but who is causing the most damage to the planet right now?

I’m suspicious of anyone attempting to put the focus completely on manipulations in the DNC for primary elections. Primaries have been a farce from the beginning. It was originally much simpler when the people with power in the DNC simply met in a back room and picked the candidates. Wait, you mean it is still like that? And the Republicans always did the same thing but with less drama on the convention floor. At least the DNC would have some shouting and voting and fist fights before the ‘correct’ person was selected.

All I can say is that there is far too many levels of obfuscation here. The stories are filled with dubious characters who are drawn like flies to outrageous claims and controversy. Wait until tomorrow and the all mysteries will be solved! The true culprits will be unmasked! Even if they are will it matter? These are small mysteries. Hillary Clinton and her husband before her as well as all the Bushes and Obamas were focused on open, planetary trade but were committed to hyper capitalism to actually trickle down to the ordinary folks who need to work to eat and live. Bad mistake but not totally wrong. She’s out of it now except as a conversation piece and, I’m afraid, an easy tool to distract people from what is actually happening. Let me put the whole DNC and email hacking thing in the same bucket.

What’s actually happening? Trump is fronting the bad side of the neoliberal oligarchy who wants to keep the exploitation going as fast as possible. Trump is a side show but has proven to be useful because he wants in to the big league so bad he can taste it so he is making deals as fast as he can and cares not at all about any of this. He is scared shitless that his deals from the last ten years with Russian financial groups (of dubious character) will get him blown away before the big guys let him into the real game at the international petrochemical level. The interesting thing is Putin is on the same path but farther along from Trump’s perspective but still a wannabe from the big guy’s perspective. Look around and there are interesting hints of what is going on . . .

I hate to tell you this but the US is already a write off. A very wealthy right off so the plundering will be good for the folks farther down the food chain. But this whole thing is on a very tight schedule before the regional disruptions from climate change become too disruptive to maintain trade and the flow of revenue to the private banks. We’re already ramping up for that in the Middle East and parts of Africa.

I have no access to hot information but the logic of the complex patterns around us and the on again/off again nature of these claims, counter claims, denials and assertions, but these look like distractions to me. If you keep as many people as possible digging in harmless bone yards, they won’t bother the trucks hauling our future away.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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