Ok, I was tempted to say, “hey, I got one, swallowed it whole!” but that wouldn’t be nice, nor mindful, nor polite. Since you do seem to believe what you are saying and my intent is to raise structural questions I will try to further the conversation.

1) Establish and implement a national AI algorithm for “one person, one vote” based on the last census data

A.K.A “Screw you rural hicks”.

Now this is one point that I was actually serious. Exactly on what point do you deny one person, one vote? Admittedly the framers of the constitution did not include anyone but white, males and for census purposes only, semi-human (slaves) people were counted as percentage. Much of the accelerating collapse of this political system is the result of the failure to actually represent all people as citizens. There is a good deal of work currently being done to see if we can determine who the current illegitimate government actually represents. And I completely fail to see how one person, one vote in equally scaled representative districts is problem for anyone. I understand that, in reality, representation was always a minor nuisance and is now simply ignored but much of the problems we have are because of this. I might remind you that the structure of this system was designed to give popular representation in one house of a bicameral system and that the state representation was created to give equal power to small states of whatever type of population.

2) Establish a national, required, qualification test based on current scientific principles for anyone running for public office in this country,

So much for Democracy.

This was also not facetious. It is in the power of the people to determine what constitutes the qualification to run for public office. This is usually defined by age, criminal record and residency (at least pretense) within the area supposedly represented. We are in a critical stage of the destruction of our planet’s ability to support our species and related life forms. I think it is very logical to require a minimum of knowledge on the universe, our planet, all life forms, and current scientific understanding of the interrelationship of those things in order to qualify to even run for public office. I don’t turn my car over to someone who thinks little green men on a treadmill make it go. We have that equivalent in positions of power both elected and appointed. Ah, thank you, I left that out. All public positions elected or appointed need to pass the test . . .

Remove Trump under the 25th amendment as there are enough mental health professionals on record already with a preliminary diagnosis of dangerous problems

See above. If the President can be removed by an unelected board of anybodys, then the President isn’t the president anymore; the anybodys are.

I’m glad to see that you figured out that I was suggesting an interim government to correct the current mess and give this place a last, desperate hope to survive. While this is at least partially facetious because there isn’t enough left in this country to actually do something like this and it would require something like a determined consensus of the people, not the existing government. This is where you cross the line into revolutionary change. Oh, wait! This is July 4th. Declaration of Independence, “. . .certain truths become self-evident . . .” Wow, bunch of just anybodies that decided to make a serious change under new circumstances and natural law.

Then remove Pence also under the 25th amendment as he has publicly made delusional statements. (Ask him the age of the planet.)

In other words, the 70% of the citizens who are religious are disqualified from the Presidency. After all, they believe in some Sky Pixie, right, Mike?

Yes, this is a futile hope. If you really want to believe in the sky pixie (that’s a little cuter than the flying spaghetti monster) you certainly can. And, yes, this is still too far away for this country to even try but I think it is clearly understood that people who are troubled by voices and visions are not good choices for positions of authority. See mechanics and little green men above . . . And I would be careful about that 70% you cited. I wouldn’t put too much faith (pause, hmm) in that number to support you on an order from your or anyone else’s sky pixie.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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