Ok, I’m going to approach this from another angle. I appreciate your very personal honesty in making us understand what makes your father a Trump supporter. I’ve been getting smacked in the face lately by people referencing things in the great Trump, ongoing Greek tragedy that I should have realized. Perhaps it’s because we have only reality TV and simple entertainments so have lost any familiarity with the full range of classical Greek tragedy . . . but that is another topic. This line of thought was from something that you didn’t mention. I have to assume that he is buying into some versions of the conspiracy theories that are the stock in trade of all the splintering Fox News world views. Your summary of his position suggests that it is clearly based on threat and, in that view, he is protecting his own psychological as well as his perceived political needs. And you have made it clear he is bright and interesting to talk to so not the stereotype that we have allowed ourselves to accept of the Trump crowd. I just read a new research study well summarized here that shows that the conservative predilection causes acceptance of conspiracy theories even for high information individuals. This is really surprising as we, particularly the over educated, yoga practicing, diversity supporters, assume that a little objective information will solve the Trump problem and/or that Trump supporters are hopeless idiots. As usual it is far more complex than and also far more dangerous than we thought.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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