Ok, I Can Understand Nancy Pelosi’s Position

Maintaining a pretense of change but not changing anything is tricky

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by Mike Meyer

I can understand Nancy Pelosi’s position on impeaching Donald Trump. Why waste the effort on someone so far gone mentally that he self destructs each time he opens his mouth. It’s already to the point of shooting fish in a barrel.

You don’t score anything with people by knocking down a cripple. Each week the man out does himself while the rag tag stooges that surround him vie for the title of most disgusting person in the day’s news. And they, with the exception of Rudy Giuliani, are not mentally handicapped.

The whole thing would be like bringing the full force of the law down on a bunch of two year olds for shouting “No!” and trashing the bathroom with toilet paper. It’s really hard to maintain your dignity as a political leader in dealing with people like this.

But, of course, they are not just trashing the bathrooms in the White House with toilet paper. They are fronting a criminal organization that is dedicated to destroying the planet’s lead economy and the historical lead nation in representative democracy. That is the essential problem.

If this had happened forty years ago, or even thirty, well, it wouldn’t have happened. The fact that two of the last three administrations were not elected by the citizens means the structure and understanding of the Enlightenment principles that the US was founded on are now meaningless.

The haunting question of, “where is the outrage?”, was answered when both national political parties became fully complicit in maintaining the status quo with profit and endless plunder as the only valid goals.

It was also important to note that the majority of people elected to Congress are millionaires already or became so while in office. With no principles beyond cliches it takes a very different type of person to do something that will reduce their opportunities for great wealth. People such as that don’t become powerful in the US.

So I can clearly understand the Democratic position. There is nothing but risk and no real gain. Success at eliminating Trump and the Republican regime, no matter how corrupt, threatens the golden tit and risks alienating the people with the money. It is that simple.

The people who count come in two flavors, the vastly wealthy who are so deformed by that wealth that they will do anything to feed that addiction, and the vastly wealthy who will do, almost anything, to feed that addiction.

Because the first group has no morals, ethics, or interest in anything but their own wealth and power they have nothing that stands in the way of doing anything. That includes, of course, allowing a mentally ill, corrupt criminal manipulated by Russian oligarchs to front their preferred administration.

That allows full scale plundering while the US oligarchs can remain mostly hidden as they feed. Everyone’s goals align and Trump and his stooges are happy with all they can steal plus the cheap pleasure of having the power over small people who can be punished and made miserable.

The Democratic Party leadership represents the second group. They get queasy at full rape and plunder but not enough to kill the golden goose by shutting the system down. It’s best to smooth the plundered masses over with some improved health care, some free education, and the pretense that elections still mean something. Obama spent eight years salvaging the economy and working to do that without upsetting anyone important and with any real money.

Nancy Pelosi can’t bring herself of impeach Trump and kill the golden goose. That’s just too much to ask.

This is the national condition and nothing that is happening will be allowed to change this. The incredible racist, shit show of the Trumpists, Fox propaganda, the NRA and the Russian supported social media control is camouflage. None of that matters.

This is the real reason the absurd climate crisis denial is allowed. It will block any real action and, for now and the next couple of years the only people who will lose are the masses in high impact climate disaster areas. Houston is a good example. Florida is another along with the Gulf coast of the old confederacy. Those people will howl on command and deny everything but are sacrificial. They will suffer and die but they will accomplish their assigned mission of preventing coherent US and planetary action against the crisis.

The initial naïveté of AOC, Ilhan Omar and the young Congressional crew played illustrated this as Nancy Pelosi made clear, they do not represent any people that matter. But they constantly stir the pot. And Omar, as the primary Islamic Congressperson, is a lightning rod for the other great sacrificial group, evangelical Christians that are about all that remains of that religion in politicized, neofascist America.

They can keep those people foaming at the mouth with constant petitions on Facebook outraged at an Islamic, female Congressperson who must be a criminal or something. Yes, it is absurd but that is exactly the point. As we all know the terrorist threat in the US is Christian and/or white supremacists maintained by the current regime.

None of this matters to what is happening. Elections have been increasingly meaningless since the 1980’s. The entire system is so corrupt that the pretense of elections and federal action in the name of anything but the ruling oligarchy is a sad joke. This is quite well known by anyone who has paid attention to historical development over the last fifty years.

That is no longer an issue. We need to move beyond that and to do so requires the system be replaced. But the political structure is gone so that replacement must happen at a completely different level. It is now paradigmatic and we are seeing the force that will do this. The planet wide climate crisis student strike and demonstrations, amazingly symbolized by a teenage girl is the emerging vision of that change.

The point is that the old leadership can’t understand what is happening and are convinced they can just mock and ignore it. It won’t gain power in their system. No one who matters will pay any attention to these kids and others.

Absolutely correct. There is no interest in gaining power in the system that is killing our planet. That entire world will be replaced shortly.

I wish I could predict how this will work but I can only see it changing the basic rules of power. This is not creating a new oligarchy. This is a move to a different alliance against those who have been manipulated or are unable to understand the new ethics and the new, severely limited dimensions of planetary power.

This type of revolutionary change rewrites the rules of power. This is foundational to, not just human society, but the biosphere of our planet. That is beginning to be well understood by our youngest generations and a growing majority of everyone else. They also know they do not have time to explain this to the old. And they are angry.

I can say that this depends on a far more moral view of life than we have had in centuries. But it will not be a rework of old systems and bankrupt mythologies but the emergence of new systems that have already replaced great pieces of the old.

The critical attitude now is openness to diversity. What will save us will not look like the past. If something looks like the past, ignore it. It is a reaction to the process of paradigmatic change.

Or it is the blathering of those who think they still have control. They just haven’t realized that Greta Thunberg just slapped them in front of the UN General Assembly and took away their keys to planet.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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