Obviously the time is much shorter than we thought. This is not a surprise as the agreed international estimates were always at the lowest end of the projected range in order to not spook the troops. That is playing out pretty much as expected with the troops now needing to be spooked big time.

Actually it is the 1–2% who are both greatly exacerbating the problem and refusing to allow action. This is, of course, suicidal but their betting they can afford to build what is needed to save themselves in a mountain retreat.

Sadly we now need to frighten people and force heavy carbon taxes on the worst offenders. We could do that quickly as the movement is already gaining momentum to go renewable and fossil fuel free. But the carbon tax is now going to have to bite hard on the 1%. They will hire more Trumps to try to destroy the effort to save our planet for homo sapiens and all related creatures.

As rather crudely presented here in one response carbon taxes tied to reduced business taxes and overall taxing consumption rather than income makes great sense. But that will be no more accepted in retrogressive countries such as the US, GB, and probably Brazil than simply making fossil fuels illegal in ten years. There will need to be a political revolution to achieve this even in fifteen years.

Hopefully we can learn to make planetary policies that work while straightening out the asset distribution that is greatly complicating our survival on this planet. I’m afraid it is going to get rough as the people who have held power for the last half of the twentieth century are heavily oriented toward willful ignorance and oppression.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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