Now Things Are Different

William Barr, of all people, totally screwed the Senate pooch

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by Mike Meyer

Things are now definitely different and getting more so by the hour. At the end of the day in which William Barr perjured himself before the senate Judiciary Committee, the demands for his resignation and/or arrest were growing by leaps and bounds.

Since Barr has already said the Senate committee hurt his feelings so he won’t let the House committee have another shot on Thursday, the question is will he even be in office by Friday? The bodies of dead Republicans who have thrown themselves on their sword for Trump, who really doesn’t give a shit, are starting to clutter the halls of the federal government.

Who knows what Barr was thinking. He was a moderately respected conservative attorney with years of executive experience. Did he not realize how easy it for that to disappear when you lie to a Congressional committee? It’s not like there aren’t a long list of careers that ended on that note.

The man could have been caught in the wrong place with his pants down and had a better chance of saving face than making a complete legal fool of himself in a hearing. There is really no escape for that when all major media are filled with detailed proof of his crime.

We now have an Attorney General who is a criminal in the public eye. That the man was placed there by a criminal and incompetent president specifically to protect said president from the law certainly leaves no room for anything but outrage.

Trump doesn’t know any better and, having run out his luck, is deranged enough that nothing he does will be a surprise but Barr is just big enough to send fear through Republican senators. Lindsey Graham is certainly shitting his pants along with all the others on his committee. They played the game when they should have been quiet and gone home.

We are at the point that people are now out for blood. Congress and Republican Senators are viewed as little better than obnoxious insurance salesmen dabbling in larceny but the AG is supposed to maintain some decency. Nixon’s man Mitchel spent almost two years in prison for somewhat less obvious crimes than Barr.

Yes, it was a different time and there was substance to Congress then but, damn, enough is enough.

Everyone has been wondering how deep this can get before the limit is reached and people like Trump will always blindly drive to the cliff and over it. But Trump’s disease definitely does look catching. The absurdity of Lindsey Graham as chair of the committee spouting idiocy while the other Republican Senators desperately tried to start a food fight to distract everyone leaves no shred of respect left.

Those senators are part of a dead party following an insane idiot who they thought they could use to get more money for their owners and they could just claim politics and nothing would happen. But I think they went too far. Evan I am worried at what I sense is loose in the land now.

Everyone knows once the limit is reached and the public gets a taste of the blood of a fool they will devour anything in the vicinity of the offending idiot. The tangerine idiot who was allowed to start this disaster has not paid any price yet. With the majority of the country both frightened and enraged you certainly don’t want to over play your hand if you are on the same side as the idiot.

We have just watched a bunch of Republican Senators badly over play a very weak hand. I think the price will be paid. Once the payments start being collected it is not going to stop and all bills will be payable in full.

We can probably expect a full shutdown of Congress by this weekend. Trump’s goons, having declared themselves that irrevocably, are in open season.

Tangerine Trump will, if not already, make things worse with wild and delusional tweeting. He has worked himself up to an insane shouting fit claiming coups and whatever. He even tried one in Venezuela making a bad situation worse. But that’s what happens when the only person you get to work on things is John Bolton. My god what a blundering idiot.

It’s really interesting watching fools make fools of themselves endlessly in the same way. They never seem to tire of proving their incompetence.

Standby. It is going to be an interesting weekend. I’m waiting to see which Republican Senator falls on his sword first.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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