Not a Normal Political Problem

Sorry, I’m not into defending decades of growing disasters in the middle east or the steady militarization of the US society. Obama was not able to break from the past of neo-liberal/neo-conservative government. My point is to deal with the current, unique problem set that is threatening the very structure of this country. And I agree that decades of increasing mismanagement is a major contributing factor. The results are the range of planetary symptoms that we have come to consider normal including regional wars, political disruption, economic distortion, and vast flows of refugees. At the same time we live with rapidly accelerating technological change that is enabling previously unheard of opportunity and well being. Unfortunately the economic distortions have caused stagnation if not decline of income for a majority of the population even in the richest, post industrial countries. We are seeing reduction in life expectancy for segments of the population in the US for the first time in a hundred or more years. This creates anger, fear, and confusion among the regions and among those most at risk.

Anger, fear, and confusion produce overwhelming emotion. Homo sapiens instinctively react to these emotional conditions with “fast thinking” not “slow thinking”. They react looking for a protector or by attacking any possible threat. This basic human characteristic has been used for thousands of years by people who’s interest is power or exploitation. In the modern world we usually identify this process as forms of fascism from the last major instance of this. Trump is a classic example of the bumbling bully who has made his living exploiting whomever he can. Trump, himself, is not an issue as he is only an opportunist that has had the luck to have money and to gain notoriety as a character who stumbled into a political collapse. There are many other, smarter people who use these types as tools for their own purpose. Why should we risk this when we know exactly what we are seeing?

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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