No Time to Waste

The narrow path to the future for Biden and Harris

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by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ November 25, 2020

We need to make sure Joe Biden does not waste time on an endless quest to make sense of and compromise with the remains of the Trump Party. This is being identified as a critical component of success for the new Biden Harris administration.

Perhaps success is the wrong word, and we should be honest by identifying it as avoidance of a very likely failure. This was Obama’s great downfall, having squandered any hope of achieving anything beyond the laborious and crippled Obamacare that consumed all resources that were left. There should have been much more that would have prevented the Trump disaster.

I’ve said this before and will repeat it. Biden is already showing all of the signs of snapping back into old patterns, such as assuming that the Republicans he knew in his youth bore any resemblance to what we have now.

There is nothing wrong with compromise as that is the working tool of a legitimate political system, but it is meaningless when dealing with a criminal, extremist authoritarian organization. There is nothing there with which to compromise.

There seems to be an emerging consensus that Biden should be given three or four weeks after his inauguration to explore cooperation with the inevitable failure. Then it ends. If any surviving old boys in the Senate want to remain in touch, they can, but those left are worthless and dangerous. This should be a primary job for Kamala Harris. Don’t let Joe get suckered into chasing the wild goose of his memories.

If there is a surprise success in Georgia producing Biden Harris Senate control with a Harris tiebreaker, it will only change the situation slightly. The negative is that this could send Biden on a quest to use the Senate to do something. It is dead and should be allowed to die. McConnell is an evil piece of shit and will lure Biden with vague language dragging it on with the hope of compromise until he slams the door a year or more later.

After the first three weeks, we should see criminal indictments against all Trump Party players who blatantly committed crimes. Trump should be left to the Southern District of New York initially as the indictments are ready there, and the work has been done. Corruption produces jail terms. Bob Cesca in Salon, lays this out very clearly. Ignore the Trumpster screaming. They will scream wildly anyway and won’t stop until they don’t matter anymore.

We have lived with outrage, threats, incompetence, and corruption for four years so that we can live with just the screaming as background noise.

These people and their Trump Party leaders are dangerous, but their strength is Trumpist bluster that merged with the scorched earth denial of the old Republican Party under Newt Gingrich, who saw they had no policies and no future other than the criminal pursuit of absolute power. This was the path of Hitler’s National Socialists and many others who had no intellectual commitment other than personal power.

It is time to recognize that and not to be destroyed by our own ethical standards. The hard part is to ignore the shrieking accusations and hold to the right actions for the people while improving their well being. But how could Biden do that? His professional life has been serving the military-industrial complex and financial oligarchs.

Their interests have always been to maintain wage slavery at a level to prevent open revolt while keeping the poor, blaming themselves for what they do not have. A constant background of war ensures the growth of the late-stage capitalist engine. Nothing else matters. But that is complicated by climate warming and the rising planetary crisis with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic a warning kick to the crotch.

The old capitalist game is too destructive for survival. While moving to your mountain fortress for several centuries may be possible, we have an authentic taste of isolation and how tentative our supply chains are when serious disruptions occur.

We will lose our main agricultural lands within the next fifty years as the great American midwest and southwest became increasingly uninhabitable. The Russian breadbasket will move north, as will the American breadbasket. But the loss of equatorial regions to life and resource production is massive but is small in terms of a billion or more people becoming refugees. As temperatures climb to plus 3°C and beyond, seas will rise and this will only get worse.

Because the science for this is now so well known, there is no way for anyone with any reasonable education to ignore what is coming. This is the terrible irony shattering our culture, as those controlling the capitalist engine face the same horrible future while working to make it worse to maintain their status now.

This is, I fear, what will destroy the Biden Harris hope. The dynamic stress of advocating destructive capitalist growth as the only future while being pressured by an ever-growing population fully aware that this is suicidal cannot be maintained.

The Trumpists and the advocates of mindless greed worked to destroy science and rational thought to allow their plundering to continue. It worked for a part of the population, but it is already a minority who will accept lies and denial. The alliance of reactionary religionists and neofascists seeking feudal power instinctively deny the future. They all live in a mythological present. The future is either a vague religious paradise or a mythological lordship over nameless serfs and sex slaves or some entangled combination.

The Biden Harris race to restore the capitalist city on the hill will lead to ever more market ‘highs’ that means every faster planetary destructive lows. At the same time, fear and anger will grow among the young and more educated. That is a much bigger and more capable revolutionary force.

The Trumpist reactionaries seeking to steal what they can and punish what they fear while denying everything if they can only find a powerful enough demagogue. And that demagogue must be stupid enough to make them feel confident. We watched the inevitable result of that stupidity in Trump.

Using the very familiar analogy of the narrowness of the path to victory, Biden and Harris have a very narrow path. As we are past the point of no return in preventing horrific climate-related disasters without superhuman actions, planetwide climate engineering is the last resort. How long will our children and grandchildren put up with this desperate need to keep things the same?

The inevitability of generational demographics will combine with rising climate-based disasters and subsequent pandemics to drive the change. The demand will not be political and definitely not in the name of 20th-century parties and interests, but a uniting demand for survival requiring all resources deployed on a planetary scale immediately.

This could come in the next four years and definitely in the next ten. What side of that demand will Joe Biden end up and where will Kamala Harris stand?

The old Trumpists, otherwise known as reactionary denialists, will still be around. I’ve begun to think they may be dealt with by high-security retirement communities to protect them from themselves and everyone else.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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