No, the point is fully electronic voting directly on issues triggered by preselected criteria that make those issues important for direct human decision. Paper ballots have come up only because of the failure of state and local governments to implement and maintain AI monitored data security. This is due to old and poorly designed electronic vote systems without physical security and complete auditing. Paper ballots are being suggested as a requirement providing a traditional auditing technique but that is inadequate and a product of a failed system.

Data security is hard but we are in constant development of very efficient monitoring systems to detect intrusion. Registration roles should be automatically established based on fully identified record creation, e.g. driver license or other licenses requiring confirmed identity and address. As I stated in this article we need to move quickly to full biometric identification of all residents based on two factor authentication that would apply to all official responses to polls. As an example this can be both fingerprint and retinal scan with a range of alternatives to make sure that everyone has instant and verified access to state their decision on any polled issue.

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