No more being nice . . .

I’m tired of trying to be nice. And if not nice at least careful in what I say. I manage, even, to be careful when I rant. Way too many years of seeing the result of calling someone a fucking idiot and then trying to get that person to do something. So I know what this is all about. But we have way too many fucking idiots and it has become a matter of survival. Ethics are also involved.

And I’m not even talking about Trump, the absolute definition of a fucking idiot. He’s already so irrelevant that it doesn’t matter except for the mess he makes wherever he goes. I’m surprised the Secret Service doesn’t include a team of clowns on scooters with shovels and garbage bags just to follow him around and clean up the shit he leaves behind him. What can you say about a guy who gets up in front of the United Nations Generally Assembly and makes a complete ass out of himself. You can’t say anything at all because it’s Trump. The one trick pony. Although it’s profound when he makes Kim Jong-un look reasonable. Now there is an unlikable guy, but Trump managed to do it. Even that wasn’t enough for him he had to use one of my favorite songs of all time, Rocket Man in his epic bout of stupid.

But what I’m really tired of is religion. Enough of this shit. People actually figured that out about as far back as we can get with history. Everyone who figured out that the religious stuff was bullshit also figured out there was no future in dealing with a bunch of religious idiots who couldn’t figure it out on their own. Then they thought that these poor shits actually believe this stuff and if you get them straightened out then you have to teach them something else. And, bang, you’re right back where you were in the first place. Looking for grief. That, folks, is an ethical mistake. If we had straightened this stuff up way back then we wouldn’t be looking at this shit now. That mistake is the world’s ugliest set of chickens coming home to roost ever since.

It just goes to show that if you keep ignoring ugly chickens eventually your going to have way too many ugly chickens looking for a place to set and shit. I grew up with chickens so I know. Religion is best understood as an ugly chicken. The only trouble is you can’t eat them. Damn.

That asshole chicken in Houston with the giant chicken coup who wouldn’t let anyone in, including his own fellow chickens, as the waters rose speaks for religion. I’m not even going to touch the specific level of his, in this case, chicken shit suckering struggling people that if they give him money they will be rewarded. It amazes me that we still have people who get suckered by this stuff.

But there is the other half of this evil crap. There’s the old fart, and I’m an old fart so I know one when I see him, who goes for the hardcore religious porn. Screw this getting something for giving him money. If you don’t give it he’s going to make sure the giant asshole shits on you. In fact you’ve already been marked cause the old guy farts and the giant asshole in the sky shits on you. That seems to be the sum total of his message of love and concern. The only problem is the dudes getting old and he has to come with some absolutely whacked out reason that the giant asshole is going to shit on you. That’s the only thing that keeps these evel pieces of shit down as they are not that imaginative.

So, yes, now they don’t have to think at all. Massive hurricanes just as expected with global warming driving extreme climate change making weather more severe. Oh no, you fuckers didn’t give me money so now you're going to get it. And the same suckers who were believing the idiots just trying to make more money off of petrochemicals and screw the earth are now believing whatever these assholes say.

They spin around so fast it makes you dizzy watching them jump up their own asshole. So let’s just shut this stuff down. Tax the fuckers. Let’s watch the giant churches turn back into bowling alleys. If you care about people in your neighborhood and want to help them and give them a place to ask for help or just to join in helping others, no problem. We have good old 501c3 tax free organizations. Just prove you are providing a legitimate social service and aren’t knocking the old folks down for their social security money and you’re good. But a hot, steaming plate of bullshit is not a social service even if you have takers who want to eat it. There are health rules about that.



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