Nicely laid out in the context of brand marketing. Sadly marketing is not reality but only manipulation. While many, if not most, people do not understand brand marketing they have the American’s instinctive sense of marketing scams. They know they’re being manipulated and it pisses them off but they can’t stop the endless programming of their reactions.

So the reaction tends to be, ‘it’s all bullshit’. And that is true but the constant creation of false targets and obviously cynical playacting makes it impossible to do anything about it. We need the equivalent resources in counter programming to create a true people driven alternative.

People are basically good. The hardcore Trump followers are the usual fringe haters and assholes amped up and told that they are cool. The far larger group are unable to articulate anything but “I’m pissed so make this shit go away!”. That doesn’t get far against the heavy hitting media manipulation that they have been raised to believe.

Is it any wonder that this manipulated group ends up hurting themselves in anger and frustration. I can’t stop watching this but I want to. I hate myself so I’ll hate everyone. On the bleeding edge people start killing other people and themselves. But the media machine rolls on with the internally contradictory but very efficient messaging.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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