Needless to say the end of the US of A is near. Not so much due to the bumbling of an incompetent clown and his cronies but the failure by any part of the national leadership to act. There have need only token gestures of disgust as the criminal group previously known as the Republican Party quickly collapsed in groveling humility before a mentally challenged idiot.

No need to review the last eighteen months of endless disasters interspersed only with brutally embarrassing episodes of befuddlement. All of this now reaching a crescendo of entangled corruption and desperate demands for adulation with proclamations of complete superiority to the concept of law. The only thing we get from our national media is another hard to comprehend pole showing half of the population supports the national collapse into absurdity. Bullshit.

I refuse to believe that more than 10% of the population sees Trump as anything more than a gibbering idiot surrounded by low life criminals and people too stupid to function. If there are more than than that then this country needs to end as quickly as possible so better use can be made of the space and natural resources. This is, then, the ultimate proof of the failure of the American Experiment in pseudo democracy. It’s nothing but a joke that has become dangerous in a country that failed decades ago.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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