My roots as an historian are cramped at your quote on managed forests. Yes, there was a movement to managed park lands that was notably stupid because things don’t live that way. But, no, there weren’t lords in England (I’m assuming this is what was visualized) with vast forests on giant estates in the 1800's. There were lords with estates but the trees were long gone there having been burned for fuel in the 1500’s to 1700’s. That’s why they had to mine so much coal because they burned up the goddamned trees. What got put back were park lands that didn’t work, at least, as forests. Ok, I’m being picky but missing the history leaves (there’s a pun there somewhere) us not appreciating the full extent of the fuck up.

And so with Medium. It is becoming far too regimented and killing the life forms in all of their diversity. I thought the original idea as it had evolved was individuals and small publication with select stories from some big publications all kind of promoted together for people to look at and pick out their things to follow. Not all curated to the benefit of the big publications at the top of the home page as it now looks. Used to be as a top writer in several topics I had a chance to be picked up on those parts of the page once in a while. No more. It was originally ok. I posted some response to the Economist when it started and the folks there responded. But now I sense a growing indifference to us small folks.

I know there is just way too much stuff being written to get everyone enough readership to pay but it needs a reasonable playing field. That’s what brings serendipity into play with weird and exciting discoveries along with some consistently good thinking and writing from wherever it comes. I’ve been a partner in the thing from the beginning bu tit doesn’t seem to be worth it now. I’d rather write for response and discussion. My goodness, there are people who consider themselves my followers and get upset with me sometimes. That needs to be part of how this thing works . . .

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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