Moving from the past to the future of free speech

This is an excellent discussion of the problems of free speech in a culture who’s political structure has failed. What I see being said here is a lament at the loss of shared ethical standards that provide the guidelines for effective free speech in a diverse culture. The attribution of free speech to classical Greek, specifically Athenian, society is accurate but very different from our world. That culture was very small with city-states very close to neolithic tribal culture. Not much help for us there. The US tradition was established in a very small group of states founded by an ethnically defined group of people who maintained an ideas related to Athenian democracy. They also knew that had no change to survive so modified it greatly.

Realistically, in an integrated planetary culture made up of urban regions with massive and very diverse populations, totally unrestricted free speech needs to be a principle but also needs to have publicly defined rules and standards. We are moving toward that and this article is helping to define those standards by showing how groups with morally degenerate ideas have learned to hijack a failing free speech system.

There are a number of possible solutions ranging from the elimination of free speech as in the Chinese model, to a few well defined exclusions as in the German model (neo-Nazi advocacy is illegal there as it should be for obvious reasons of experience), to implementation of rights that above free speech except in clearly academic settings. That later seems the best solution to me and is probably what we will end up with in the new urban administrative units that we appear to be moving toward fairly rapidly. But however the political collapse and restructuring works out protection of expanded rights for diverse populations with free speech within clearly defined settings but not in general public locations is the best compromise.

This will need to also provide for the removal of any candidate who expresses any racist, misogynistic, sexist, or xenophobic positions. We do not have room for that on this planet and that needs to be learned.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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