Moving from Rome back to Greece?

An excellent article outlining the relevance of Roman history to the failure of the American Imperium. No, America is not repeating Roman history but it is certainly singing in the same key. Empires fall as their territories expand and their centers shrink. Corruption consolidates assets and power in fewer and fewer hands and the people become the “other” grouped into ever growing lists of enemies.

Inevitable that a few of the remaining Trumpists would show up here attempting to maintain the facade of lies. Reality is always cruel to people so easily fooled. But these people are already a side note historically.

Another interesting aspect of the fall of the American Empire will be its successors. The breakup of rule of the Roman Empire after Theodosius led to the fall of the west. The east became Greek and lasted anther thousand years while the west became a set of intellectual assets and titles that past to the Italian, Goth and Germanic successors. How will America break apart?

We are a very different and increasingly virtual world which may, I think, deemphasize geographic territory for virtualized cultural groupings. These could return to something like Greek city states at a planetary level with virtual citizenship based on cultural and political affinity. The rise of digital citizenship would appear to be a precursor. This could be the logical development of diversity under the unifying structure of expanded human rights protecting all groups. We will see . . .

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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