More perspectives on phase change

This is yet another perspective on the massive paradigm shift driven my technology, predominantly media for many people, that is disrupting traditional society. Without restating the obvious this is not a shift from one to the other of the current poles of social and political thought. Both poles are being destroyed and people are now newly empowered by technology in the middle.

Noting the patterns of change in technological revolutions when the standards and rules of society go up in smoke, there will be accelerating oscillations trying older answers that repeatedly fail. What sticks is what works in the new situations that we find ourselves. People begin to explore alternative indoctrinations but those are the first things to fail. None of them are appropriate.

This article is excellent at presenting a little understood aspect of the process. Patterns of socialization (referred to as indoctrination here) cease to work. Most of these changes have been in place for over twenty years and some for fifty years or more. The mass media is now traditionalist due to funding in a hyper capitalist society but this is being replaced by social media that is diverse but not neutral. This is only beginning to be popularly understood. The key is that this is completely undercutting the old establishment political parties that are secretive and hierarchical and have never been interested in anything like full, direct democracy. My sense is that we are going there quickly and it is going to be interesting as the old political ideologues desperately attempt to claim ownership. Not going to happen.

The other major point here is higher education. Again this is a partially good call but it is much more complex than suggested here. Since I’ve spent most of my life working in technology, revolutionary change, and higher education, mostly outside the academy I will be careful to be brief.

The basic outline here on the economic value of the tremendous expansion of degree holders in the last sixty years powered change leading to the post industrial cultures. Enrollments are going down and colleges are closing. Most of the degrees awarded are basically hobbies and have little or nothing to do with the old vocational world of work to survive in a wage economy. But that is going away too.

The problem of debt for education is an extreme symptom of the failure of American economics, This will, never the less, allow adult education to refocus on two areas that are fairly distinct from each other. Vocational training will is already and will become almost completely technical requiring very outcomes defined training. Online, heavily automated corporate training is already dominant in that. Universities winning at this are elite and can provide the diverse technical virtualization that is useful.

The community colleges and universities will blur together into multiple training programs and levels of certification. This will not look very much like any traditional college. After the current slump among students opting out of traditional higher ed for boot camps or gigs these will begin to return for liberal arts education as it becomes free and available to enhance life. Basic Universal Income in whatever form will be the way of life of an ever growing population based. This will focus on arts, culture, and humanities in a new form. Automation will handle more and more of the administration and “work” while people will be best focused on people but without the need to work to survive. Higher education may well enter a new golden age at that point.

Some notes since I’ve gone on too long already: Much of the extremity of the problem in American is radical nature of late stage hyper capitalism or predatory capitalism. This is very clear in education debt and the slow decline of financial security and limited opportunities of the mass population. In functional democratic socialist countries these are not nearly as severe if they are problems at all. This does not change the disruption of paradigm shift but it does mediate it greatly. The US is in full failure because of the extremity of its’ political and social failure.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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