More Friday Fumbles

Digging through the week’s rubble looking for hope

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ October 2019

The fumblers have taken control so Friday is as good a day as any to poke through the piles of rubble looking for meaning. Ok, no real meaning but we can at least try to identify what remains and what is broken beyond repair. It’s hard to remember back when there were occasional instances of good news nationally.

That is the biggest loss. We no longer have or even expect any good news at the US national level. The sole hope is for some kind of delay in the final consummation of America’s sequential and concurrent disasters. The reality is that these will most likely be overshadowed by planetary disasters leaving them as footnotes in potential future histories.

On that bright note we must look at Rudy Giuliani. While the main media focus since Thursday is the arrest of two of Rudy’s helpers on their way to a plane with one way tickets out of the country, the point is always Rudy and Trump. Their background, or lack of it, certainly prevents them from being seen as bright shining stars on the international affairs scene.

As is normal in the Trumpified US, they look just as incompetent as Rudy or Trump while Rudy and Trump are just as incompetent as Rudy’s stooges. Birds of feather flock together? Stupid is as stupid does?

Giuliani has done more single handed destruction on all sides, including Trump’s, than anyone has any right to do. How do these people find each other?

The news, if you read all the media on the two unfortunate Giuliani stooges, is the question of how soon Rudy will be arrested. Check out how often you find a version of ‘vast financial election conspiracy’ in articles with Rudy’s picture.

The appearance of the words ‘Rudy’ and ‘arrest’ in the same story in major media means Rudy is going up the river but it’s simply a matter of political expediency as to when it happens. That is very much like predicting the sunset late this afternoon. It certainly seems already decided that Rudy is the lowest of the lowing hanging fruit on the Trump tree to be plucked and squeezed in a full criminal press.

Of course there is nothing on the Trump tree that is very far off the ground. See above for stupid is as stupid does. These folks, with Trump in the lead, are all completely unable to get beyond low grade conspiracy theories and complete bullshit. None of these people can do even simple home work so they are going to start being picked off for refusing Congressional subpoenas.

We’re going to see a lot of this. Trump and associates have had a bad year, a very bad month, and a week from hell that they have totally earned. Other than lying and shouting they have no working strategy except stonewalling without any stones. The problem is the manufactured disasters created so they can be ‘heroically’ solved and divert attention from the cascading Trump train wreck .

The great Trump trade war with China that has already tripped the planetary economy into recessission and badly damaged the US economy , is now being ‘solved’. This is the case of someone grabbing you and holding a gun to your head and then putting the gun back in their pocket while claiming to be a hero for saving you from the crazy idiot with a gun.

Has China made some trade concessions? It appears they have made some that they have been planning for some time, specifically, on agricultural purchasing. I suspect that all of this could have been worked out without all the damage but that would require rational people managing the situation. We will see. China now has the strength to make token gestures while we don’t know what has been given away.

We do know that Trump and his entire cohort are either stupid or dysfunctional as he gets played every time he tries to start a game.

There is not much to be said about Turkey and the Kurdish betrayal except that we no longer have the freedom of simple problems. These are not problems that are able to be solved with linear thinking. The feedback from decades and centuries of actions and reactions makes it impossible to disentangle yourself from contradicting and conflicting situations. That is a the primary reason we can no longer allow idiots, that is most people, in position where they can make stupid decisions with no clue.

The incredibly stupid effort to extort both funds and political sabotage from foreign powers by Trump and crowd has already destroyed the Trump regime. It will be a long messy death but death it will be. At the same time abandoning the Kurds in conjunction with sending US troops to Saudi Arabia makes it impossible to have any idea of what will now happen in the Middle East.

The unforeseen consequences will, most likely, produce a major example of the Cobra Effect. Trump will be long gone while the planet struggles with those unforeseen problems far larger than whatever was being solved by a bad linear decision. This one is really dangerous.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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