I think the shit is about to hit the fan. Of course this has been a pretty much continuous shit shower for the last eleven months but there were lots of white people who could avoid the worst of it or at least pretend to. If your head is shoved up your ass, external shit showers are pretty much an academic issue. Unfortunately someone let Roy Moore out of wherever he was after being thrown out of the Alabama Supreme Court for stupidity in 2003.

Sadly Trump confirmed that stupidity is now in favor and one of the remaining political parties in the US claimed not only stupidity but racism, ignorance, misogyny and certain forms of mental illness as suitable criteria for high national office. It took awhile to get down this far but someone in the Republican organization remembered Roy Moore and the need to fill an Alabama senatorial seat at the same time. In the Trumpian world the dude was clearly qualified. Actually more qualified than they knew. And so the problems begin.

Trump is in office strictly to have his massive ego massaged but does not take well to other people claiming the things that he does or worse yet outdoing him at being ignorant or stupid. And as the stupidest, most despised, and the easiest for foreign leaders to play like a fiddle, Trump’s ego is not happy. Now Moore seems to have been into pedophilia. This is new territory if we are going to add this to the qualifying criteria for Republican candidates for the senate.This is also serious competition for Trump who was known for inviting himself into the dressing rooms of beauty contestants when he was doing those things. That has been carefully hushed up, or more accurately, buried by more serious outrages.

The scary thing here, after the stunned revulsion at even presenting such a candidate for national office and the shock of his supporters trying to justify Moore’s predilections, is what the hell this will do to Trump. We know that Mr. Trump has only a tentative and limited connection to reality and is prone to delusional activity. Add to that his violent reactions to anyone one upping him in one of his ‘greatness’ areas and you can see the problem.

Hopefully the Secret Service can keep Donny away from middle school playgrounds but someone better check on where he is spending time online when he is not racking up points for stupidity on Twitter.

Better yet someone should explain to the folks running the Republican party that pedophilia is not a suitable characteristic for candidates. Stupidity, racism, and misogyny in general aren’t either but they have already gone down that road. But you had better be careful on the examples you set for your main man. He is not known for thinking before grabbing.

If this isn’t enough shit for people I don’t know what will be.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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