Melania’s ugly surprises

When Melania travels unpleasant surprises occur. These surprises seem to be part of a scheme but what is the scheme? The tools used in the scheme, one might say the medium for Melania’s messages, are her wardrobe and that appears to be very carefully planned. But planned for what? Confusion immediately ensues.

We are used to president’s wives working as part of the executive team. The areas of focus are usually family or children, health or nutrition, as these are acceptable in the rigid patriarchy that has survived and now become diseased in this culture. The primary message delivery was by speeches and statements. Michele Obama was, as an attorney, very skilled and adept at this. Because of the inherent sexist style of the position her wardrobe was always seen as a message. Here goal was obviously to blend it but with a style that was always complementary to the culture or social group that she was visiting and addressing.

Melania does not do this. She is nearly speechless unless reading a script. This could be forgiven as a speaker of English as a second language but there seems to be more going on here that is not clear. Whatever statement Melania makes is so close to zero as to make it barely worth mentioning.

This forces all of the attention to her wardrobe. Yet any recognition of that as a message is immediately denounced as irrelevant. She would have us believe that what she wears to these destinations had no message and was just what was lying on the chair when she got up or the first thing she pulled from her closet.

That is so obviously a lie as to be an insult as it is not meant to be believed. Male or female, masculine or feminine and over the age of five we know that as a cheap insult having seen it used as a cliche.

“This old thing? I just wear whatever I find on the floor. It was cheap when it was new!” How many movies has this been in?

Now this is not even looking at the messages that Melania has signaled to us with her clothes. “I Really Don’t Care, Do You?” is one of the most blatant wardrobe messages that I can recall. This is in the category of the old “Too Drunk to Fuck” t-shirts. What it says is its message.

Now we have Melania’s very short African tour dressed in cavalry boots and a goddamn Colonial Office pith helmet. There are many things that Melania Trump is not but she is very clearly not subtle. And her messages are disturbingly ugly.

Ezinne Ukoha has done a beautiful job of tracing this trip back to its colonial roots via every Africa movie ever made in Hollywood. Melania used all of them for her wardrobe and statement.

This is twice now and these things seem to be Melania’s own, sick contribution to the Trump disaster. The script is to do careful planning for maximum insult. Make a trip that should be humanitarian but shorten it so it is clear that there is no interest in this at all. And then take the most direct line of attack in a wardrobe to insult the people you are visiting and anyone who cares about them. When this message is questioned deny it all as made up.

My real point is that there has been a continuous line of hope that Melania was some sort of civilizing influence on the massively corrupt and disgusting Trump cohort of scum. No, that is clearly not true. There was some media talk of the Africa trip being some sort of finger to Donald for mocking the people of Africa just as it had been against Donald for the humanitarian crime of family separation by visiting a child concentration camp.

The confusion in the process befuddled people who wished to be befuddled or hold out hope for some good, somewhere in the Trump pit. I was once prone to see Melania as somewhat oppressed given her obvious unhappiness. Now I’m sure that I misunderstood her hatred, animus, and near total lack of any other means to communicate than clothes. The message is a caricatured, style magazine fuck you to everyone!

Think about this a bit and tell me if you think there is anything else there.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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