Mean Ass Junk Yard Dogs

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Watch out!

As usual I have backed into this discussion by seeing select responses and then having to backtrack to the root document. I’ve come to appreciate this based on the Medium structure as I tend to see people I follow responses before I see the offending response or offending article. It makes for an interesting view of people whose writing I’m familiar with leading to back to a base article that may strike me significantly differently. I’m not sure what to do with this thread.

I’m quite firmly on record that all religion is bullshit. But bullshit has uses. Dry it out and it makes a quite nice campfire. Make sure you dry it out completely, though, or you just end up with some hot and very smelly shit.

That strikes me as a useful parable here. Our species for a time was producing religion prodigiously so there is lot of dried up religious cow pies left laying around. We really need to clean these up. Mike Pence comes to mind. All of this started because someone took a stick and poked him but he is still soft and smelly in the middle so not yet dried out enough to be of any value. Ironically it is the religionists who tend to poke around in this shit (not sure if that’s a pun but, anyway).

And the snarking about the folks attempting to block bigotry against Islam. Bigotry is not acceptable. In fact it is morally wrong, ethically reprehensible, and logically ridiculous. It is also, not surprisingly, a primary product of religion. In the protection of thought and speech we need to protect people’s right not be harassed by partially dried pieces of shit upset over the color of the colander that their divine spaghetti monster dictates. All colanders are equally protected. That should not be confused with support for one type of bullshit or the other. They are all equally stupid.

Religionists are best dealt with as mean ass junk yard dogs. You need to keep them out of the reach of each other for everyone’s sake.

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