Maybe we all turn into the skid. . .

Ha, that’s exactly what I’m starting to think also. We may be on to something that’s kind of obvious but would make a very different reality.

Rather than seek to politically and legally impose one detailed reality on everyone we back off that to the most basic shared reality with basic rights and responsibilities. (Even that is tough but may be workable.. . .think about it.) But then move everything else into non geographic, personal realities. It sounds crazy but there is something there. These are the battles we seem to be having and we are very close țo completely losing a shared language.

The thing I’ve been struggling with for the last year is how close we are to continuous mixed reality. I’m working on this for education. Imagine you live in a shared reality (VR) that you could choose to take parts with you to partially shape your (need new words here) external, big world reality (AR). The thing is much of the paradigm shift I keep talking about is already here. We’re use to people around us partially in alt realities on their phone, video, or Pokémon Go. So we build this into our political structure.

Over the edge here: religionists could have a reality with a real angry God or a surfer Jesus or a bohdi tree on every corner. Maybe they want everyone to appear to be white and blond (An Aryan world with milk). They don’t see what they don’t want and are happy.

I’m not saying this is healthy as it exacerbates the problem of people losing touch completely. But maybe this is the price we pay for urban, diverse, constantly changing planetary culture. The thing is we ate going there anyway. All of this stated from 4chan weirdness. Maybe we turn into the skid. . .

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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