Marley K., you scored with this one. I spend my time trying to figure out when this thing is going to break open and cover us with evil. Wait, it already did that.

People have become more familiar with factored growth as that is what pandemics do. The US is now a factored rate of evil growing on the planet. Sadly people in this country still don’t know that other places are based on taking care of their people. Spain, France, Germany, even Canada and New Zealand based on things I have dealt with just today have made sure their people have what they need and most are implementing Universal Basic Income for the long haul.

Meanwhile, Trump refuses to pay the WHO that offered to give him testing kits in February and to hel[ anyway they could. But that means nothing as he needs someone to blame for his incompetence. Enough of that already.

I feel guilty because we are doing well, very carefully. Our kids and grandkids have forbidden us to go anywhere with people. I feel for you crowding and the problems of ill-prepared schools who refused to accept that education would have to go online at some point for anyone of a number of reasons.

I’ve been teaching that for almost twenty years and trying to help colleges and high schools to use the new technology to meet a future set of needs very different than what the grew up with. Usually, I was laughed at. I don’t feel any better now that it has happened. I feel worse, in fact. What a waste. It didn’t have to be this way.

The hardest thing is that I know that this is a long haul and may never get more than a little better. Too many indicators were going from yellow to red and then the pandemic hit the fan.

So many people were just making it and had to just ignore the stress as best they could because there was no way to fix it. Maybe it is supposed to be this way? That was the bullshit that got sold to the country.

And here we are.

I hope for you all to be well and find a way through this.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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