Many of us write about this and thousands more follow and respond. Yet, nothing happens. How can that be? In this country wee know from nearly constant polling that some 70% of the population is desperate to break out of this increasingly obvious planetary death trip. Yet, nothing happens. The tiny elite continues to rule for their benefit and millions support their designated idiots. Media voices tell us we’re wrong while others tell us we’re right, then they change and say the opposite. But they always end with how it can’t be changed. It’s good to hope but, nevertheless, hopeless. That’s just the way it is. And then they are paid and they make do with that. And we get paid and do better than the other 80%. Lucky, the right race, the right ethnicity, or at least not the wrong ethnicity. That makes for guilt and anger. So we write it all again.

Restore the commons, denounce greed, guarantee all rights, destroy bigotry. But the idiots laugh and strut dragging their chains behind them. They learn the dogma and recite the chants of hate waiting for their reward. But the envelope is almost empty and the chains keep getting heavier as they shout denial of their existence. Someday they’ll be rich and free! Or are they rich and free now? But they can barely move.

They’ve been well trained to attack any hope. Misery and death gives them freedom. So we try to tell them again. We can’t destroy their rights though they will destroy everyone’s. . . and laugh.

But they are only a few and have lost all command of morality and science. It is time to act for everyone.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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