Lots of everything for everyone is totally untenable. Obviously I should have been a clearer on the goals we need to set with these changes. The collapse of capitalism is not only happening but required as it cannot survive without destroying our planet. That is the simple fact that cannot be escaped. This particular essay was focused on the ironic confusion of attitudes. While capitalism in its hyper form desperately drives people to consume and slave away for the illusive goal of becoming part of the billionaire leisure class with no work and no obligations, only certain people are allowed to do that without huge social penalties and the rest must work. The incredible effort to take away any hope of escaping wage slavery, avoid poverty from medical costs, or even be able to someday retire is not what people elected their representatives to do. And that is the a denial of the justification of supporting the very wealthy in a capitalist economy based solely on material gain. This makes the intellectual bankruptcy of the current system so obvious that it is breathtaking. The simple fact that the ruling class is almost completely useless and the majority live off of endless financial manipulations producing capital in offshore tax havens makes the mindless meme ‘takers versus makers’ a sign of ignorance beneath contempt.

The essential need for AI is our inability to even understand, let alone manage, the kind of complexity that we need to provide equitable resource allocation in a truly sustainable economy. I’ve covered this in other essays and will again but the problem there is that we are out of our depth having destroyed our climate while producing incredible wealth but don’t know how to stop. We react and give power to idiots because the systems are broken but can only react emotionally because that is our evolutionary limitation. I prefer to look at AI (and the automation that can created a post-scarcity economy) as the evolutionary adjustment our species must have to survive. We have the ability to create intelligent systems that can do what we cannot. They just don’t happen, at this point, to be biological.

But, yes, we are beginning, finally, to have these conversations hence this essay. I’ve waited along time to say these things directly because they need to be worked through. This is the process that will allow us to simply move on and increasingly ignore the babbling of the failing systems.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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