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Trump is disappearing before our eyes but things are sliding into chaos. What is happening? Shouldn’t Trump’s steadily declining influence be making things better? If you listen to the mainstream commentators it is very hard to tell what is happening. in his own circus but the level of destruction surrounding him is escalating. Obviously this is part of the overall chaos of sequential hurricanes, another one arriving this weekend, and mass murders. All of these things are made worse by incompetence, intentional failure to meet presidential obligations for federal appointments, and the fumbling of totally unqualified, high level sycophants.

The critical failure is the failure to act. I can only call this cowardice on a national level.

The critical failure is the failure to act. I can only call this cowardice on a national level. Somehow constant images of Trump making vaguely insane threats, creating outrage in Puerto Rico, completely mindless in the face of mass murder in Las Vegas, supporting terrorist organizations such as the NRA, cursing at citizens struggling with unheard of natural disaster, and blaming football players for imaginary wrongs and personal failings while impulsively denouncing laws and international agreements tells us we are facing a deranged madman, but no one will say it. Those that do are ignored. The media carries on pretending that the federal government is normal and all of this will somehow a temporary aberration.

The reality is that many years ago we lost our way and have taken a very bad road. The country we are passing through doesn’t look like anything that we knew before. We are in a wilderness, storms are upon us and there is madness in the eyes of the people we see. Things are not all right. We need to turn around. And saying that it is too hard or that is just the way it is will not save us from what where we are going. We have let a madman take control but he can’t control even himself. We have allowed our failed media to convince us that the truth cannot be known or even determined and the criteria of happiness is the wealth of a tiny subset of our population who don’t give a shit about anything but themselves. Is it so hard to understand that there is nothing good that can come from this? We are lost.

With 500 injured at almost 60 dead at the hands of a wealthy and deranged man equipped with firepower of a small army fifty years ago we can see how far wrong we have gone. One chart shows this among dozens that have been drawn:

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Vox —

More guns mean more deaths. The location of the US in the range of gun ownership should take your breath away if you have never seen it before. That is called an “outlier”. An outlier so far removed from sanity that it might as well be on another planet.

There is no justification for this that is even possible.

So let’s look at deaths by gun to see if this is any better and if it tells us anything about the rough country that we find ourselves traveling across. But that doesn’t appear to do anything but make the absurdity of our situation more stark. We are alone.

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Vox —

So we have given up control to a mad man who also appears to be a criminal as well as grossly incompetent and who surrounds himself with other criminals and incompetents. We live in a country that has convinced itself that it is threatened by violence on every side and must be armed as if we were a completely lawless third world, unincorporated territory with no government. This allows us to kill ourselves and each other at a rate that stuns the rest of the planet. We accept the belief that all minority groups are subhuman and to be shot and killed at the slightest provocation. No wonder we are so well armed. But, wait, the wrong people are armed. The people of color or who have come for a chance to live based on old ideas are being shot down in the street and they are not armed.

But nothing can be done. Simply ignore it and try to keep going. Our suicide rate climbs, our death by opiod pain killers skyrockets. A part of our population becomes more violent in blaming everyone else. We are hopeless.

No one can stop the illegal acts of the man pretending to be president. There are no laws to stop those acts. There were laws but they are being ignored. There was a time when that was a crime, too. No longer. There are no laws to protect us.

And no one is to blame.

Bullshit. We must demand action now. Not some token gesture. Remove the illegitimate regime that has broken so many laws they can’t be counted. Reverse all actions of that regime. Remove all appointments. The federal government is being run by career civil servants already. Let them run it and begin to redesign the people’s government. It was broken and dying anyway. If we don’t act now we may never survive this disaster. Is that an outrageous statement?

You make the choice.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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