Long live the Easter bunny

Funny how these things start and end. Every family develops their rituals. They are the actual religious structure maintained by children as long as they need the reassurance. And always one is the keeper of the flame. This is the origin of the priesthood that was blown completely out of proportion over two millennia or so.

This still lives, as it should, in the childhood evolution of tradition, connection, meaning. I am surprisingly vague on details of my daughters' Easters as we did committed eggs and baskets and candy but no hunts.

But this is the first year there was no Saturday night egg coloring and no Easter morning egg hunt in our house for the half of our grandkids who live here.

The second generation was a bigger deal for Easter. The candy went away as their mother is a pediatrician and the eggs became plastic with money. That kept the tradition going spurred on by out youngest granddaughter through high school for her brothers. Money was the stated goal but the competition was far more intense than a few dollars justified.

So the real faith that grounds us in our families goes on. The sadness of the second end is more palpable than the first. But our first great grandson is two months old and lives in Texas. Theirs hope for the next round of eggs and Easter bunnies by whatever name.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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