Language is a spontaneous human construct that is constantly in flux. Trying to ban words simply sees those meanings assigned to other words. The problem is the distortion of words to demean or deny a voice to others. We cannot survive when blatant lies are presented as truth. So how do protect truth and reveal lies when government and media it too corrupt or weak to do that? And how do they do that if they find the strength.

There is no caste system or rigid class structure but we all recognize the range of human abilities. We normally prevent people with clinically defined mental disabilities from holding important positions. History is filled with stories of bad results from allowing that to happen.

Up to now the ideal has been to ignore that range of abilities as everyone has the same rights. We are now seeing how that has been used to gain power for selfish ends. We can’t identify that because we have no language to discuss it publicly. We need that language and the shouted lies and the pretense of outrage is being used to stop that discussion, Everything is ok in the quest for power. Even insanity and death to thousands is fine.

The trouble is that we all need to ‘get it’ now. One of the great fears of automation is that the less educated, less articulate, and less creative will become unemployable. Better education is always the first solution but not everyone is able or willing to pursue that. We have a solution for that with Universal Basic Income but that doesn’t address social ranking and discrimination.

We need to find the right roles for people in complex societies at risk from the most challenging threats we have ever faced as a species. We need the best we have to lead. Putting the ignorant and mentally challenged in those positions is suicide. We are seeing that right now.

Allowing people to be told that all truth is a lie and science is wrong and that hatred is the answer will earn us what we deserve for allowing that to happen. But we don’t seem to know how to deal with this.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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