Keeping Perspective: the SOTU and the New Paradigm

The future and the past in one large room

by Mike Meyer

It’s important to keep this stuff in perspective. In fact I think that maintaining perspective is the most critically important thing that we can do now. Perspective is based on a specific position of observation but then creates a useful illusion that correctly displays the whole range of visible objects from that position. Perspective is based on the rules of the universe that we are in and changes as that universe changes.

The loss of perspective makes it impossible to see what is actually near or far. It distorts the relative size and importance of objects that may be large and important or actually small and irrelevant.

The reality of the State of the Union show Tuesday evening was a window on 21st century political collapse. The important players with future relevance were the women representatives in white followed by the POC around them. Everyone else can be ignored except as potential short term points of difficulty or trip hazards as we move forward.

As we have never previously experienced the current level of paradigmatic change, primarily as it is planetary in scope and exponential in speed, the great majority of the population do not yet have a clue. They are completely normalized to linear change and classical materialist cause. That makes it impossible for them to even see the symptoms of the new making the perspective of the old false.

For the first time I have some confidence in saying that the new perspective is beginning to provide useful information. The only other thing visible from the evening’s sad display was the desperation and hypocrisy of the old players that assumes blindness in all observers. There is nothing to see here but what I say. No effort was made to hide lies and duplicity. In fact they were mindlessly applauded.

I’m not referring to the lies in the speech that Trump was forced to read, those are the normal propaganda tropes of the old elite already recognized as the lies they are, but how the stunning silence on criminal actions, climate genocide, human exploitation and suffering, and denial of democratic rights emphasized the irrelevance of the people in the room. The ruling elite, both halves of the machine, are unable to see anything but what they have always seen. And that is rapidly fading from reality.

As almost everyone senses, whether they have an inkling of the causes, we are in the late stage disintegration of a civilization. Most people are nervous, uncomfortable, and concerned but can only fall back on the old rules and the old paradigmatic model to judge the importance of what they see. Let’s push all the buttons again. Maybe it will work this time.

And what they see is the kind of lies and confusion on display in the governmental center of America on a February evening. Do you laugh, cry, become angry? Why can’t those people answer the questions and do what they are supposed to do? That is an easy question to answer.

The existing rulers with their displays of power are the last to understand what is happening. Their lives have been dedicated to gaining power in the old paradigm of narrow materialism. Their wealth is power and a world that is shifting to a very different view of power as sustainability and wealth as information and holistic health is impossible to understand. This is the most elementary difference between what exists and what is emerging.

So the vanguard of the new paradigm are the oppressed of the old. Women and People of Color will lead. This is now a way to balance the past but even that is not valid for the new. The new is being built by us. All of us who have seen and are tired of the lies. Who are exhausted with the old bragging about the success of the few at the expense of everyone. Who are exhausted watching the old fail as they desperately claim success under the rules that they wrote.

That is the fundamental block that prevents the powerful in the old universe from understanding why they are failing as they see themselves winning. That is the Zen koan that they must master to move to the new.

The paradigm is shifting and we must all relearn all of the rules of living. This is not a destruction of the Newtonian or Einsteinian universe as the laws of physics are solid. That is the foundation that we are based on now but the quantum mechanical reality beneath that has triggered our emerging understanding that everything is very directly connected and not what it appears.

Not only connected but directly subjective to our observation and expectations. We cannot ignore anything as unimportant. We cannot dismiss the reality and importance of any part of this universe or any observer. Where we have done that we have been killing ourselves and all around us. We bear that massive responsibility.

You will not build a new world view if you do not understand that the world view we share builds the world we see. But to do that you first have to learn that we are an integral part of this universe and as sentient beings we can shape the way the rules apply to us and our planet. If we deny that we deny our roles, our rights, and our responsibilities.

We had to do that for several centuries in order to move beyond archaic myth so that we could learn the physical reality and how to use it. But we are at the end of that path and must integrate our science with the new science and understanding of a malleable universe subject to our control.

The driving force behind that is the mistakes we have made without understanding what we could do. We didn’t realize we could destroy the planet by burning all resources and keeping score by the size of our hoards.

We saw those who will lead us sitting silently in their seats in Congress while those who have no idea wildly applauded their own end.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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