Just a quick note to address some of the problems with your response. Being completely immersed in a full scale paradigm shift is very difficult for everyone. There is a lot of room for debate and discussion as we have no idea what is really going to happen except that almost everything is in rapid change. Most human social and institutional structures are failing in the face of technological change, i.e. virtualization and unlimited direct communication. Those parts of human society that don’t change will become irrelevant. That is mostly what is happening.

The entire Trump disaster is doing a very quick job of making the American Empire irrelevant. While this is dangerous as hell, particularly with mentally imbalanced criminals at the controls, we are lucky that they are as completely incompetent as we all feared. There is and will be significant human suffering that results from this but it will, ironically, fall most heavily on the folks who think they were somehow going to win something from this.

I would suggest you start preparations for this by looking at the World Economic Forum’s work on the 4th Industrial Revolution. This will be based on diversity and a completely different economic system. The current capitalist based economy has been failing for at least thirty years. That failure is what produces the usual “but the market is up . .” confusion. Wealth imbalance is destroying the social and economic well being of most of the planet. What is termed economic success is the accelerating movement of existing currencies into the hands of far fewer than 1% of the population. And that success is predicated on “growth” that is totally unstainable and is the cause of the destruction of our climate.

And AI is not “smoke and mirrors” it is already directly affecting how we live and the information that we receive. In the future it can be used to make human societies more directly responsive to each of us or it can be used to continue the exploitation with the encouragement of ignorance, racism, and xenophobia.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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