I’ve been through this many times and have read all the stories explaining what’s happening. After many years (a tiny part of a micro second in galactic time) I’m afraid we’re just stupid. This galaxy, let alone the universe, is so big we can’t think about it. Our first radio transmissions haven’t gotten out of our neighborhood yet. Captain Video hasn’t made it past 70 light years yet with I Love Lucy right behind it. Their still in the tip of this arm of our galaxy.

I can’t really see that being enough reason to start a 200 plus year trip to check that shit out. Then we are all amazed at our use of the electromagnetic spectrum. Hell we mostly use light in fiber optics now. That doesn’t go anywhere. Why would a suitably advanced civilization even be looking at antiquated stuff like ours?

My current favorite idea, I lost the link, suggests that as intelligent life advances it gets seriously hampered by the slowness of light in its information processing systems. Since you can’t speed up light the only answer is to make yourself really, really small. If you’re really, really small you would be really, really shy. Big stupid aliens would stomp the shit out of you. So you don’t shoot up flares and you don’t go looking for trouble.

I think we’re still in the big and stupid category and no where near passing any tests. The great galactic civilizations are not impressed. Hell, I’m not impressed.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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