I’ve been thinking about this a lot. This is a classic historical problem.

The legitimate basis of this are people saying fascism was a product of Benito Mussolini in Italy of the 1920s reacting to a devastating war and brutal piece. This isn’t like that. True. It’s a much different situation and a much different set of conditions.

The position taken here is that the methodologies and outcomes are the same. Whatever you call it it will end up in the same ugly place. True. It cannot be normalized.

The condition is a collapsing system (there are many and varied causes) and a group with some power who seeks to use this to take total control. Someone appears who has learned to lie in order to con people’s death has a “voice”. They link up. The goal is whatever must be done to destroy opposition and maintain fear. Fear is good. It controls the rabble and the ‘others’. Life becomes death but only for the ‘others’. The definition of ‘others’ changes constantly. Fear spreads. There are no facts. Economic collapse is our glorious future! Don’t listen to anyone else!

As is always the case in cultural disruptions caused by paradigmatic change the meaning of words shift around and that makes it easier to hide behind claims of disputed meaning. America, and much of the Western world is struggling through this swamp. We would not be the first to disappear into the muck and be lost. We are waist deep and sinking.

The mainstream reaction is continued normalization although it’s hard to keep up. The leadership and voices of America are frantically accepting and swallowing as fast they can. It’s already a habit. “We could get out of this mud if we really needed to. The November election might change things. Just wait. Nothing has really changed! Nothing has really changed!”

Everything has changed.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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