I’ve been struggling to hold onto hope of some bit of moral resurgence in the party the was swallowed by Trump, but apparently in vain. If it was gong to happen it would happen after two weeks of incredible testimony from professional diplomats contrasting the wild flailing misdirection of the Republican members.

Even Joe Biden, who never met a Senator he didn’t like, seemed poleaxed by the criminal collapse of his good buddies. It’s a rough day after thirty years to realize that those people are not who you thought they were. Not to mention that his whole campaign was based on, I can work with these folks. No. They work for Putin, now.

While I don’t support Biden I respected him and was saddened when he tried to run on ‘restoring the bipartisan tradition’. I’m even sadder at the blow that he has received, No one that I’ve seen has talked about this but for Biden to condemn Lindsey Graham is hard to believe.

I’m now beginning to wonder if this is even deadlier than I thought. It is hard to imagine someone supporting Trump at this point without a gun pointed at their head. Even the sycophantic scum around Trump are trying to get out of town or get some distance, at least.

My next thought is that we may be reliant on our military. The war criminal pardons seem to have stunned the Navy. The final slide into banana dictatorship.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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