It’s nice to see you back. It continues to surprise me how Medium not only survives in an unique way but manages to evolve in ways comfortable for a writing community. There are technical explanations for this but I don’t really think they are complete. While not necessarily magical, I don’t think they can be replicated.

Community covers part of it but there are a great number of communities. While passion is present the balance seems to be on the side of thought and consideration even if courtesy is a bit inappropriate.

Perhaps that is a key element. The western academic world is based on courtesy as a weapon. I’ll take consideration any day. I’ve had people who have taken positions that I oppose respond to things I’ve written with consideration. They may still think I’m wrong but I said something that they were willing to consider. And I’ve been surprised in exactly the same way discovering a different perspective.

There are many places to write but consideration is not usually a common response. I keep expecting it to go away here and it doesn’t.

At the policy level it’s a bit of a mystery. I just discovered that it’s now ok to publish behind the paywall on publications without having to negotiate some sort of agreement. That will encourage Medium based publications again. While I’m not here to build an empire or make a fortune it has definitely raised the bar on effort and quality.

As long as listicles, clickbait titling, and the other tricks to “game the system” stays subdued life will continue to improve. Now I won’t have to look elsewhere for you work futures things.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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