It’s a real problem being an educator in attempting to understand people dedicated to ignorance and incompetence. Your comments indicate you have not bothered to look at the effects and history of tariffs. This requires some knowledge of economics. Trump is an ignorant conman who can fool equally ignorant people with simplistic shouting. This is supposed to help the trade deficit? Tariffs do not directly affect trade deficits. Those are a product of the domestic economy. The last time this was attempted was under Reagan who also was noted for lies. He talked free trade and implemented trade restrictions. The results were what his own economists told him, terrible. Trump surrounds himself with idiots who pump up his ego. They are mercantilists at best and criminals at worst.

The economic strength now is a distortion. The actual strength is from the rest of the planet that is growing and attempting to find a better balance to break the grip of radical capitalism that is now failing. That is a complex problem and the solution will need to be found in new approaches to wealth distribution. Trump will complete the destruction of America. And, no, he is not capable of that by himself but is greatly accelerating the decline over the last forty plus years.

The moderate success of parts of the economy and failure to stop the fall of the middle class are the result of Obama’s conservative policies. As a competent administrator who was, at least, honest he did it according to the neoliberal principles that continued to drive up the planet’s production of goods and services. That could not help this country and others in the post-industrial world who are crippled by the failure to prevent vast wealth from concentrating in a kleptocratic system. That has caused the stagnation of wages and incomes for all but the vastly wealthy. That is the structural failure of mature capitalism..

In my opinion the rules have changed significantly in the last twenty years and even successful countries are playing by rules that no longer apply. Mindless idiots have no hope now but to dramatically increase the suffering as the nation collapses in the transformation of the new post-industrial planetary economy. Ironically the great burden of this suffering is and will be on the small minority that has been taken in by criminal organizations that have gained control of the country.

Knowledge is now readily available. If you can’t tell the difference be knowledge and lies ask for help. History is very helpful but requires knowledge of the systems that control our planet.

I no longer have any sympathy for people who have willingly accepted delusion, hatred, and ignorance in the hope of being given some of the spoils. History will not be kind to these people but that is academic to the actual suffering that they will endure in areas where they have gained control.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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