It’s a funny thing but just before I read this I was thinking the same thing. Maybe the real break we need is take the position that fundamental change must be made. One very clear way to do that, short of the old tradition of a bloody revolution, is to simply agree that the alternative time has come.

Is that sexist? Only in the sense that balance must be forced to achieve change. The system is so totally loaded and bloated with white men that it needs to be lanced like a boil. My fellow, aging, fat white men have had the floor for several centuries and we ended up with a mentally defective, stunningly ignorant, idiot supported by a batch of nearly identical clones. And the energy level of that population is so low that an original thought has not been had in several decades.

We need a revolution and a revolution forces change. The old bloody kind always end up turning into what they fought against and I suspect because they are all men who don’t know how to play any other game.

And that game is stupid. Human society is in fast evolutionary change. We either go with it or become vestigial.

The only sexism here is anyone claiming that only The existing standards of qualification are required. Once we have had thirty or forty non-male leaders in the highest position in the state we can start worrying about sexism. Note that I made this non-male rather specifically female as the breaking change but that is to achieve balance over time.

Once we have elected women exclusively for a decade or so we can stop worrying about it. At that point we will, hopefully, be able to exclude humans except as representatives of our species in a far larger world of sentient beings biological and electronic, mixed, and newly elevated to sentience.

Punctuated equilibrium produces radical species change. We are just starting.

In the meantime I’m voting a straight female ticket.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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