It would seem that we are, in fact, dealing with the very large cycles of change. I’ve mostly avoided 12–15,000 year male/sky god domination of the emergence of human civilization. People can’t handle the fact of the ‘modern’ world collapsing although it is the full infrastructure of hierarchical civilization that is failing.

For that matter most people become reactive with the thought of the US going down the tubes. Those that insist this represents only the need to tweak the glorious arc of exceptional Americanism cannot comprehend the collapse of modernity at 500 years or the first stage of civilization as hierarchy at 12,000.

Yet we are beginning to see the nature of the universe, at least in size and time, and relativity is not replaced by quantum mechanics but seems to integrate with it. The point being that our sense of time needs to expand tremendously.

The peak of the American empire was mid 20th century. That was totally devoted to materialism and wealth with advertising the sacred ritual and marketing the theology. The total time line was, famously, the end of the quarter.

Our aging,white male leadership has never escaped that. There hasn’t been a future in America past the end of the next quarter for fifty years. Yet we are now facing rising disaster for the next several centuries. I know, everyone refuses to think past 8o years, 2100 will, somehow, reset reality and we will be ‘restored’ to game start. But that is not what is happening.

But we are also now able to move actively into the solar system and that requires years to move beyond Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus. People haven’t really internalized that yet but that puts on a time scale longer than the Age of Discovery and the early European planetary empires. It was a year to India from London and back.

People went off for along time and then came back or didn’t. But the real need is to internalize stellar distance. We may never be able to move physically beyond the Oort Cloud but we are already moving virtually there on decade and centuries scale.

Patrice, the cycles you refer to are planetary and stellar. These are all within our grasp and, may have, been part of ancient civilizations that were destroyed in the rise of ours. We see remnants of this in Egyptian, Mesopotamian, South American, Chinese, and Aruvedic or Indian records.

We need to return to that time scale at the cultural level now. That is not quite right, we need to build a new time scale that we use to define ourselves and our goals. That is another aspect of the failure we are being overwhelmed by now.

I’m thinking the ancient remnants maintained as archetypal planetary knowledge seems to be an instinctive route to that. It’s resurgence now is an effort to find a new way to think.

Any ideas? I’m throwing pieces together based on my struggles to understand all of this with new tools.

Another thought, our anxiety and fear are amplified by our short term time scales. We have no time and everything is failing! But we need to be saying, we need to increment this change over the next two centuries and we’ll be ok. Now we can’t even think that let alone plan it or do it.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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