It would appear that you see this election as normal. And you are correct on all counts that you listed. Just to clarify one issue, I don’t consider the hacking of worker pay headquarters as terribly unusual and definitely not new. I haven’t mentioned the concern with election results. That is possible but very unlikely because it would be terribly difficult. Russia, however, has been active in attempting to do exactly that so it is by no means something that can be ignored. The current recounts are essential to eliminate any question. This is the first time we have a known foreign power clearly acting to affect the election. We also have Trump himself having attempted to appoint a staff member with very close connections to Putin and has now selected a secretary of state with very close connections to Russia. Any one of these would have been surprising but difficult to identify as a threat. But, tied to Trump’s refusal to release financials with a list of questions on the extent of his debt from Russian sources things become more than troubling. There are now very serious questions on Trump’s ability to act with Russia to the best interest of this country.

Notice that this does not consider his obvious incompetence to be president. We have had our share of less than bright or ignorant leaders. Ronald Reagan comes to mind.

Add to this the fact that Trump clearly lost the popular vote and holds views that are anathema to at least a plurality of the electorate and we have a nearly powerless administration dedicated to a very unclear agenda.

This is by no means normal and needs to be dealt with as such. It is generally understood that Trump’s election was to destroy the system that is broken. I am suggesting a way to begin to deal with the problem of which Trump is only a symptom.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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