It sounds as if you have solar keratosis that are precancerous lesions. Since I live in the tropics that is a common problem. Use full sun block everyday and no short sleeves and a hat. The lesions are usually simply burned off with nitrogen like warts. If you have too many there are medications to cause your skin to peel. That’s a pain. I’ve had to do it twice. But it’s actually the same things used by dermatologists to restore youthful skin. Between that and very good sun block your complexion will be beautiful.

From your writing I suspect that may not be the top thing on your list but, hey, it’s a side benefit. You just need to have a dermatologist check you as frequently as they think necessary. I’ve been doing it for twenty years.

I’m not a doc but just relating my experience. The problem is UV radiation, both kinds A and B but you don’t have anything in Alaska that matches our high hazard UV in Hawaii on a sunny day.

I don’t worry about it at all. And my complexion is great. Wasted on me but what the hell? Hope this makes you feel better.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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