It may not be obvious, although I hope it is, but I wouldn’t be writing all this stuff if I wasn’t so committed to reaching the future that we have available to us now. We are already beyond the tipping point to the type of integrated, diverse planetary societies that could only be read about in science fiction when I was a kid. And that is for everyone. All of us together. And I mean all sentient life forms that we know and those we haven’t yet met. That, of course, will soon include nonbiological sentient entities that we are working on creating.

I don’t often write about that part of our immediate future because this country may not survive to reach it. In the worst case the people and forces dedicated to holding onto power at all costs in order to deny that future to all may decide to destroy everything, We see these forces using ignorance, fear, and hatred to gain complete control to end hope. They are scattered around the planet, although they are a small minority, with control of an old style nation states they can destabilize regions. We are watching it happen in America, Turkey, Poland, as well in dominated states using the brutal domination of long debunked religions to prevent change.

If you study revolutionary change you know that the drive for great change comes, not from people struggling to survive, but from those who gained some power over their lives who can see the potential for a very different future. They don’t look to destroy others to get that future but to bring happiness (yes, an alien word in America and many other places now) for everyone.

The modern technique for blocking this is to foment hate by repeating the lie that this is a zero sum game and you will only get anything by denying others. Too many people can be manipulated by that lie even though it is not how people normally think. Particularly in America that bed of lies was always part of a racist society and has been shouted endlessly for the last forty years. Greed is based on theft as the only way to gain great wealth.

We need to destroy that greed to gain the greater wealth people are not allowed to see. We have sustainable great wealth available to us all on this planet now. The only thing blocking it is giving people the tools to achieve it for all.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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