It may be possible to simplify or define a more pragmatic solution to the massive problem of white privilege as illicitly gained social power and dominance. I think I understand your concern with the white “lens” that distorts all information passing through it and, logically, all academic work produced by people (us) who are products of that world now, finally, beginning to fade from dominance. How do we destroy that without becoming, again, too focused on the thing we have learned to both lament and detest?

You allude to it in the makeup of the INSEAD program. Very actively encouraging diversity and denying any alternative. But even that has problems if focused on too much. Isn’t the issue to see beyond the refractoric nature of the white lense? If you focus on it you inadvertently emphasize it.

While at the other end of the age scale, I have spent some forty years connected to the academic (and business) world but with the luck to have done it from Hawaii. While part of the US that can come to be understood as an optical illusion by people after some time living here. We are the most diverse society in America and one of the most diverse on the planet. That happened by accident with a large dose of white imperialism providing us with our own distorting lense.

The University of Hawaii was just identified as having the most diverse campuses. There are no majorities. It took me many years to begin to understand the power of naturally (see above) occuring diversity. People who are not at home here leave after about one year. There are many people who leave with many stated reasons including cost, distance, etc. Often the reality is that they find that they cannot feel comfortable in a truly diverse society.

But my point is that once you achieve functioning diversity that eliminates white, or other, privilege a different way of living and thinking appears. And while that may be partial and does not, directly, correct for the results of white privilege and domination rooted in white imperialism, over time I think it can remove that completely.

How you do this a ‘normal’ culture with racial/ethnic dominance I don’t know. But that it can occur more naturally with a truly diverse population offers one route for the future.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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