It is very difficult to pull ourselves up from the depression and ruin that we see worsening around us everyday. In one sense the problems are just not bad enough. We’re not being gunned down in the street. We see news items everyday of horrible things happening to children and immigrants but they aren’t in our neighborhood. We hear of vicious racism around the country every day and people are gunned down in the street by police several times per month. But we haven’t seen it.

People are fed up with white supremacy and the craziness typified by Trump and the delusional clowns that surround him. We’re embarrassed and sad but see only blockage and the absence of any one to help us organize. Just as umair haque has written here we no longer have even the concept of group civic action. Our associations and unions have been destroyed and we allowed it to happen. But, while most people can see we are at the end of the road and change must happen or the horror will be upon us and our children, main stream media is lost and maintains the illusion of normalcy.

If it were worse we might try to act. Most of us, though, are privileged and don’t yet feel threatened in our daily lives. The national and planetary disasters are still remote.

Even though people are badly scared of what Trump and those that surrund him will do next they appear stupid enough that we think we can count on their threat being mitigated by their incompetence. So far that has proven to be correct. That does not help.

Trump, again, flies off and makes a fool of himself with wild threats and a complete failure to understand what is happening around him. But this has, amazingly, become normal. We know he will hold press conferences and make delusional claims how he has changed everything. While most of the planet knows, now, that is just another lie and can be ignored. His delusional followers shout about strength and victory closing the circle of illusion with him. Their imaginary world is all they care to know.

We are being both lulled and destroyed by stupidity.

If nothing else we must stop being quiet and hiding in our privilege. We must all add our voices to the denunciation of every lie and to the destruction of every illusion that is claimed as an accomplishment. Our political system is now a hopeless illusion itself. It has failed and must be replaced. Our media must be mocked and ignored.

That is the reality that must be admitted and shouted until it happens.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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