It is so unusual to see someone attempt to support Trump. I always hope to discover something that I have missed that would explain the support still maintained by an amazing large minority of those who vote in the US elections. I have yet to make that discovery.

By providing your background as a justification it did help me confirm what I have thought about the structural failures that produced this disaster. It would appear that you represent a minority but with no awareness of the manipulation that was used to trigger this.

But, in one sense, you are correct. The destruction of the American Experiment in representative government has been inevitable for the last thirty years. Except for a veneer of pretense the US government has not represented the people for longer than that.

In that sense Trump is different. He has little knowledge of history or the system and is not intelligent enough to care. He works to make money for himself and those who he fears. As a result he has done what was expected of him by taking a wrecking ball to the nation.

None of the reasons for Trump’s presidency have anything to do with the things you sited as ‘promises’ even though none of them have been done. They did not matter anyway. Unless Trump is stopped the level of human suffering will escalate geometrically. The US as a nation will either break apart or decline to a, still wealthy, but weak political entity.

Some of the suffering could be avoided but the climate crisis will mean that most cannot. My real fear is that the rest of the planet is going to become very angry at the large, old and failing nations who are making this disaster faster and worse than it already is. The new planetary leadership will, at some point, decide to make the people who worsened this disaster and their accomplices pay the price.

I trust you realize that the power has already moved away from the US as it is lead by a mentally ill individual who is impulsive and completely unreliable. That probably cannot be restored. So the destruction you desired is coming to pass. Ironically the people who bought into this propaganda line are likely to be the primary victims of the disasters.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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