It is definitely time for a regime change

Ignoring the wing nuts, the responses here are a rehash of a number of questions that are rapidly becoming irrelevant or should already be irrelevant. While I thought this an excellent article pointing out the ridiculous situation that this country finds itself in resulting from a collapsing political system. Probably the only very relevant statement is the need for people to actually be told what it costs to have the services that they need and that they want. The real issue is how to allocate resources to meet both the needs and as many of the wants as possible. That can be done in a variety of ways all of which work, more or less. The only thing that doesn’t work for the majority of people is massive greed causing the enrichment of a very small percentage. That is simply stupid because it reduces the economic activity that is essential for our antiquated capitalist systems.

All of that won’t mean much if we don’t reorganize our planetary societies to handle climate change and full automation based on Machine Learning (or AI if you prefer). It was noteworthy that neither of these was mentioned anywhere that I saw. I’m not going to belabor people who are obviously insistent on pretending to still live in the 20th century but things are changing. One particular point for the economists is that capitalism is structurally unworkable where the primary goal is sustainability with resource efficiency and the concept of value has transitioned to intellectual property rather than physical goods. Right or wrong or good versus bad do not matter when the base paradigms change. Markets as elements of this are still viable and must be used to determine value in limited commodities but the goal now is to eliminate scarcity so we can survive with as much happiness (another new value) as possible.

I have to include the idiotic arguments against government, whether total or partial. It seems that people have lost the idea of change. We have the data and ML capabilities now to model fairly accurately what everyone thinks. While everyone is freaking out at that, justifiably, that can be used to help us govern ourselves. Why don’t we just make people the government instead of complaining that they aren’t? We need select management at the planetary level but most management must be at the regional and local level where optional resource allocations need to be decided.

Enough said . . .

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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